Mad Dog Mk III (Vulture Mk III)

Mad Dog Mk III (Vulture Mk III)
Vulture Mk III
Production information
Manufacturer Alshain Weapons
Production Year 3109
Model Prime
Class Heavy
Introduced 3109
Technical specifications
'Mech type Clan OmniMech
Mass 60 tons
Chassis Bergan Version 8.3 Endo Steel
Armor Compound 24B2 FF
Engine Vlar 300 XL
Communications System Dash-2 Optima
Targeting Tracking System Hakkøn-Morris LAP
Heat Sinks 12 double
Speed 86 km/h
BV (2.0) 2,729[1][2][3]


The Vulture Mk III is a heavy class Clan OmniMech, which was originally produced by Alshain Weapons on Alshain in the beginning of the thirty-second century for the touman of Clan Ghost Bear. The 'Mech was built as the next generation of the Mad Dog, which was first produced in 2963.[4] First deployed in 3109, the Vulture Mk III' (also known as the Mad Dog Mk III by the Clans) generally serves as a support 'Mech to frontline units. It has since entered service in the Raven Alliance as part of Clan Snow Raven's touman.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Vulture Mk III is able to move quickly and has a lot of available space for weapons and other equipment. This was accomplished by a Clan version of the 300-rated Vlar XL Engine and the use of Endo Steel in its construction. Nine and a half tons of ferro-fibrous armor protect the Vulture Mk III, giving it more protection than its ancestor.

The primary configuration is focused on providing long range fire support. Its main weapons are four 20-tube Long-Range Missile Launchers split between the 'Mech's side torsos, with four tons of ammunition supplying the launchers. For closer engagements it has six Extended Range Medium Lasers divided in pairs and allocated to each of the 'Mech's arms and its center torso. Twelve Double Heat Sinks struggle to keep up with the massive heat output of this configuration.[1]

Alternate Configurations[edit]

  • Alternate Configuration A 
    This configuration is meant for engagement at all ranges. In its arms are a pair of Ultra Autocannon/5s for long-range engagements. Backing up the autocannons are four SRM-6s, as well as two Medium Pulse Lasers found in the center torso. The A configuration has two additional Double Heat Sinks to cope with the new heat load of the weapons. BV (2.0) = 1,880[1][5][6]
  • Alternate Configuration B 
    The most noted feature of the B configuration is the addition of four Jump Jets in the legs, allowing greater flexibility during fire-support missions. Its weaponry and equipment includes a pair of side torso-mounted LRM-20s, arm-mounted ER Large Lasers, and a pair of ER Medium Lasers in the center torso. Two additional Double Heat Sinks help in managing heat levels. BV (2.0) = 2,572[1][7][8]
  • Alternate Configuration C 
    A close-quarters fighter, the C Configuration utilizes eight Streak SRM-6 launchers split between the side torsos. Additionally, the 'Mech uses four Micro Pulse Lasers. The launchers are fed by four tons of ammunition. BV (2.0) = 2,299[1][9][10]
  • Alternate Configuration D 
    Configuration D is rare, focused around a pair of Clan-produced Rotary Autocannon/5s, each mounted in the 'Mech's side torsos. The Rotary Cannons are supplied with 120 rounds of ammunition. A MechWarrior only has a pair of arm-mounted Medium Pulse Lasers for backup. BV (2.0) = 2,421[1][11][12]

Custom Configurations[edit]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Vulture Mk III has the following Design Quirks:[1]


The Vulture Mk III's visual likeness was first created by Microsoft's Mechwarrior 4 series of games (Vengeance, Black Knight, and Mercenaries) and later used by WizKids' MechWarrior Dark Age Collectable Miniatures game as a part of its Fire for Effect expansion set. When it first appeared, it was originally listed as the Vulture. The figure (different from the original BattleTech version) was only used for the game's Unique figures. It was later adapted by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined in the tabletop game once the company advanced the franchise's timeline to 3145.

Related OmniMechs[edit]

  • Vulture - The main basis for the Vulture Mk III, weighing the same and fitted for mostly the same role in its Primary Configuration. Known as Mad Dog among the Clans.


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