Phoenix (Mercenary Command)

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This article is about the mercenary unit. For other uses, see Phoenix.

Formed ca. 3025
Previous Designation(s) Mad Jumpin' Jacks
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

The mercenary unit Mad Jumpin' Jacks was founded in 3025. It consisted entirely of jump-capable BattleMechs and relied heavily on their custom tactics that made use of this jump mobility. They regularly used tectonic sensors in their 'Mechs, which were very uncommon in military units and not generally installed on BattleMechs.

The unit generally worked alongside regular army units and provided them with flank support. As the unit exchanged firepower for agility, they resorted to harassing hit-and-run-tactics when they were on their own to wear enemies down.

After having suffered heavy losses in 3033, the unit was renamed to Phoenix.

Unit History[edit]

This unit was founded in or just before 3025 by Hauptmann Jack Anderson, a former LCAF MechWarrior who had allegedly been demoted three times for insubordination, together with Arthur Melton. They recruited some dubious individuals to serve in his unit including dishonorably discharged soldiers, a (presumed) former pirate and a former prostitute. Anderson was more interested in piloting skills and character than in criminal records. Later his son Thomas Anderson also joined the unit.

Their first mercenary contract was with the Federated Suns, and the unit saw their first combat defending Small World against a Draconis Combine attack. They later fought DCMS forces on Quentin.

In 3031, they entered a contract with the Free Worlds League and were deployed to the planet Amity to defend against Lyran invaders. The Mad Jumpin' Jacks fought alongside the 1st Sirian Lancers against the 7th Lyran Regulars. Due to their surprise attacks, the situation went from a narrow defeat for the Marik-forces to a clear victory.

However, this success went against the plan of Amity's governor, Tores Thornton. He had sold false information to the Lyrans that the construction plans for the Cataphract were to be found on Amity. This was a lie to provoke an attack on his own planet. The local Marik forces would not be able to stop the invaders and Janos Marik would have to send strong reinforcements, which Thornten hoped to bring under his personal control as a permanent militia on Amity. After an earlier falling-out with Jack Anderson, Thornten decided to sacrifice the Mad Jumpin' Jacks. They were declared traitors when Jack Anderson destroyed a Marik depot to keep it from falling into Lyran hands. Jack Anderson was shot by Thornton after refusing to turn over the command of his unit. The rest of the unit was able to flee to their base. Thornton next sent a 'Mech company of bounty hunters (hired with his Lyran "bribe" money) after them, but the Jumpin' Jacks had already fled into the mountainous wilderness and were able to use the landscape to their full advantage. During the fighting, Thomas Anderson died and Lhiannon Potter became head of the unit.

Hunted, the Mad Jumpin' Jacks switched sides and went to work for the Lyran invaders instead, spearheading the final attack on the bunker where the 'Mech construction plans were thought to be. There, a local SAFE agent uncovered Thornton's plan and swiftly executed him for treason. Due to the heavy losses incurred, the unit renamed itself to "Phoenix" under Potter's command and moved out to Lyran space to accept a new contract there.

In 3054, Phoenix was under contract with the Federated Commonwealth. They were among the defenders of Tomans against Clan Jade Falcon and again suffered heavy losses, but were able to recruit new members from regular units.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Mad Jumpin' Jacks
Hauptmann Jack Anderson 3025 - 3033
Thomas Anderson
Commanding Officers of the Phoenix
Lhiannon Potter 3054



Unit Profile[edit]

The unit was company sized and consisted entirely of jump-capable 'Mechs, mostly of medium and light weight.

The unit had its own DropShip, the Esmeralda (implied to be Union-class).