Magda Torvald

Magda Torvald
Character Profile
Died 3073
Affiliation Torvald family

Magda Torvald was a member of the Torvald family in the Thirty-first century.[1]


In 3073, Magda Torvald was due to marry Jon Jespersen, the patriarch of the Jespersen family of the JàrnFòlk, in a marriage intended to merge the Jespersen and Torvald families. Jon's plan was bitterly opposed by two of his sons, Peter and Magnus Jespersen, and led to Magnus bursting into his father's suite and assassinating his father. While the assassination of Jon was legal, Magda and her maid of honor - and sister - were killed in the crossfire.[1]

Peter arranged for Magnus to be absolved of the deaths of Magda and her sister, an act that earned Peter a number of death marks and which led to both brothers and a large part of their family being killed in a bomb blast by Javier Torvald, a younger son of the Torvald family, later that year. The remains of the Jespersen family were absorbed by the Torvalds shortly after.[1]


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