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Magistracy Cavaliers

Magistracy Cavaliers.jpg
Magistracy Cavaliers
Formed 3000s
Nickname Thraxa's Own
Affiliation Magistracy of Canopus
Parent Command Magistracy Armed Forces

The Magistracy Cavaliers was a frontline but independent Reinforced Combined-Arms Regiment in the service of the Magistracy of Canopus.



The Cavaliers originally started life as former volunteer 'Mech battalion, the Clayborne's Commandos, which was part of the defunct Cassandra's Volunteers Regiment. The battalion had served on distant Canopian world of Thraxa. During Andurien Secession in the 3030s, the planet's leaders feeling Magestrix and her government was now ignoring needs of Thraxa. They managed to seduce the long neglected battalion to become private corporate security force, quietly unofficially leaving the rolls of the MAF. With corporate money, Thraxa help build up the Commandos into a two battalion force.

Largely forgotten by MAF, Thraxa had always been a largely self-sufficient world. They were soon gained noticed during the Pirate War of 3057, where the unit manage to fend off the pirate raids against the planet.[1]

Formation as a Regiment[edit]

Magestrax Emma Centrella had taken noticed what people of Thraxa had done to become self-sufficient to fend of the Pirate scourge. In wanting additional frontline unit for service for MAF, the Magestrax cut a deal with Thraxa officials. The Magistracy would provide aide to build up the two BattleMech battalion force to full front-line Regiment, if two of them would be available for service in MAF. The officials agreed to the arrangement as long one battalion would remain on planet at all time. With agreement resulted in Commandos becoming the Magistracy Cavaliers.

By 3064, the unit had become augment Regiment of BattleMechs, while being supported by battalion of Hovercraft and specialized Infantry forces. The Cavalier's infantry became known as best in Magistracy's Armed Forces.

The old Commando's executive officer, was promoted to its Commanding officer, while his predecessor would be demoted to Executive position. This created some difficulties, for unit's command cohesion.[1]

Prior to the Jihad[edit]

By 3067, the unit had continued to develop. Two of its 'Mech Battalions and its Armor force would be rotated off Thraxa to gain skill in service. No same battalion would be permanently assigned to assist give more experience and keeping them and its fellow unaffiliated MAF regiment, First Canopian Brigade sharp. In August, the unit's Armor force would grow to full Regiment. It and 'Mech battalions would be split between homeworld and Gambilon.[2]

Jihad and Post-Jihad[edit]

The Magistracy Cavaliers survived the Jihad, and in late 3079 were deployed across the border worlds of Novo Tressida and Crawford's Delight.[3] Despite being far from their homeworld of Thraxa during the Jihad, the Magistracy Cavaliers chose to obey the orders given by Magestrix Naomi Centrella, keeping the periphery border of the Magistracy safe from both pirates and marauding Word of Blake forces for several years. The Magestrix rewarded the Cavaliers for their loyalty by returning them to their original deployment as the Jihad wound down, with the three battalions of the Cavaliers taking over responsibility for protecting Thraxa and Vixen once more.[4]

Since returning home, the Cavaliers have faced a steady stream of raids-in-force from the Marian Hegemony, clashing a number of times with III Legio. The Cavaliers have also had to fend off raiders from the former Free Worlds League and Astrokaszy, and the result has been that while efforts to rebuild the Cavaliers to full strength have gone slowly, the regiment has been kept in fighting trim.[4]

Dark Age[edit]

During the Dark Age the Magistracy Cavaliers became known for their innovative use of aerospace fighters; the Cavaliers' proficiency with aerospace assets developed as a consequence of their posting to the Bass system following the construction of a new facility[5] building Scout JumpShips[6] in the system by the Alliance Aerospace Group, something that attracted raids from pirates, as well as forces from the former Free Worlds League and the Marian Hegemony.[5]

As the MAF became increasingly reliant on aerospace forces in the mid-thirty-second century the Cavaliers found themselves taking a lead role in developing aerospace doctrine, and the prestige that went with having such a role allowed them to keep themselves a high priority for replacement units.[5]

The Cavaliers attacked Astrokaszy in early 3145. There they clashed with the Fifth Rim Commonality Guards. The Cavaliers were unable to take the world.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Magistracy Cavaliers
Colonel Dillon Wentworth 3064 - 3067[1][8]
Colonel Xolani Kofi 3085[9]
Colonel Mallory Colwell 3145[10]


The unit specialized if open terrain combat, while it excels in Tundra and semi-arctic terrain.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Magistracy Cavaliers (BattleMech (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[1][8]

  • CO: Colonel Dillon Wentworth
  • Second Battalion: Major Dushann Frost
  • Third Battalion: Major Tabitha Primm

- Note: Unit's Equipment rated C

Cavalier Armor Guard (Battalion/Regular/Reliable)[1][8]

  • CO: Major Manuel Mohr

Cavalier "Mountain Men" Infantry Guard (Battalion/Elite/Questionable)[1][8]

  • CO: Major Abdul Majid

- Unit has not received any technology update as of 3064.

- Entire Unit by 3067 had not receive single type technology upgrade.


Magistracy Cavaliers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[3]

- At this point the Cavaliers were still at 75% of full strength, although only 5% of their equipment had been upgraded to use advanced technology, one of the lowest levels of advanced technology to be seen within the Magistracy Armed Forces at this point in time.


Magistracy Cavaliers (Regular/Reliable)[9]

  • CO: Colonel Xolani Kofi
- Despite fending off constant raids, the Cavaliers had rebuilt to 85% of full strength by this point, with 10% of the command using upgraded or advanced technology.

Cavalier Armor Guard (Regular/Reliable)[9]

  • CO: Major Folki Pan
- The Armor Guard was in better shape than any other element of the Cavaliers at this point, operating at 90% of full strength and with 30% of their equipment upgraded.

Cavalier "Mountain Men" Guard (Regular/Reliable)[9]

  • CO: Major Enu Kwesi
- The Mountain Men's efforts to rebuild were lagging behind those of the rest of the Cavaliers, with the Mountain Men down to 75% of full strength and still fielding no advanced technology at this point.


Magistracy Cavaliers (Veteran/Reliable)[10]

Cavalier Armor Guard (Veteran/Reliable)[10]

Cavalier "Mountain Men" Guard (Regular/Reliable)[10]

- At this point in time the Cavaliers were stationed on Bass and the various units within the command were at between eighty and ninety percent of full strength.[10]


Game Rules[edit]



  • When the Magistracy Cavaliers are in a scenario that includes aerospace elements the Cavaliers receive the Banking the Initiative special ability.[11]
  • The Magistracy Cavaliers receive a +1 Initiative Bonus.[5]
  • When randomly determining the composition of a Magistracy Cavaliers force the rolls for half the total number of units may be adjusted - either up or down - by 1 point.[5]


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