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Magna Metals Inc
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Lopez
Leadership: CEO
Products: Weapons
Power Plants
Division(s) Regulus


This Lopez-based corporation is notable for manufacturing power plants in both the Free Worlds League and the Taurian Concordat. The corporate branch on Lopez is dedicated to the manufacture of weapons.

Notable Achievements[edit]

In the 3050s, Magna Metals corporation was noted for development of both the extended range and pulse version of laser weaponry. It also went on to develop the Extended Range PPC.

The company's Taurian operations are unusual. In contrary to the operational procedures of many other plants, the Concordat produces its massive DropShip engines at one plant and distributes them to several shipyards for assembly, rather than building an assembly plant at the same site where the drives are built.

In the mid-3060s after its new CEO took over the company, the company opened other Drive-manufacturing plants on Regulus and Stewart.[1]

During the Jihad the Taurus plant didn't lose any personnel to the Word of Blake and Federated Suns assaults. In 3079 the plant was operating at 5% below its maximum output.[2]


As of 3065, the Magna Metals Inc. Chief Executive Officer is a former FWL MechWarrior, Liz Shirman.[1]

Manufacturing Locations[edit]

Magna Metals Inc has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


The Lopez facility took no damage during the Jihad and was operating at maximum production in 3079.[3]

Components produced on Lopez:[4]
Component Type
Small Laser
Magna Mk I Locust[4][5]
Medium Laser
Magna Mk II Cicada and Rifleman[4][5]
Large Laser
Magna Mk III Rifleman[4][5]
Small Pulse Laser
Magna 200P Cicada[4][5]
Medium Pulse Laser
Magna 400P Wolverine, Marauder and Awesome[4][5]
Magna Sunspot F-92 Stingray[4][5]
Magna Longbow-15 Crusader[4][5]


Magna Metals Regulus facility created fusion engines for BattleMechs.[6] They lost a third of their employees during the Jihad and by 3079 and returned to 80% of their maximum productivity.[3]


The Stewart facility builds fusion engines for BattleMechs, tanks, and Aerospace Fighters.[7] This factory took 30% damage during the Jihad and was back to 85% capacity by 3079.[8]


Components produced on Taurus:[9][10]
Component Type
Internal Combustion Engine
Magna 60 ICE APC[9]
Magna 250 ICE Vedette[9]
Fusion Engine
Magna 245 Hunter[9]
Warner 200E Lightning[9]
Warner 220N Seydlitz[9]
Warner 300F Eagle and Thunderbird[9]
Warner 250B Sabre[9]
Warner 270M Chippewa[9]
Magna 260 Rommel and Thunderbolt[9]
Interplanetary Drive - Dropships
Star League V84 Leopard[9]
Star League V250 Union[9]
Small Laser
Magna Mk I Warhammer and Rommel[9]
Magna Hellstar Marauder[9]


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