Magnetic Clamp System (ProtoMech)

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The Magnetic Clamp System was originally developed by The Society to allow them to move their ProtoMechs around the battlefield. The system basically allows a ProtoMech to catch a ride on a friendly OmniMech, much like conventional Battle Armor.


Since their initial development by Clan Smoke Jaguar, ProtoMechs had deployed on the battlefield much like battle armor. The Scientist Caste tried several methods of improving the ProtoMech's deployment time, but each experiment was a failure. The Society heard rumors of the CCAF's Fa Shih battle armor and its ability to use any BattleMech for transport. A Clan Fire Mandrill Society cell was able to purchase several suits of Fa Shih armor through Clan Diamond Shark. The system was successfully adapted to the ProtoMechs requirements. In payment, the Diamond Sharks received a few prototypes. The technology was also adopted by other Clans who use ProtoMechs extensively; Clan Hell's Horses and Clan Snow Raven incorporate the technology in their new designs.[1]


Game Notes[edit]

The Magnetic Clamp System is a Clan Experimental Technology. The Society had prototype units available in 3063; wider deployment would take place in 3071 under Clan Fire Mandrill[1]

The Magnetic Clamp System has a Technology Rating of F, and is only available during and after the Clan Invasion with an Availability Rating of F.[1]

The ProtoMech Magnetic Clamp System occupies one slot in the ProtoMech's torso, regardless of weight. Quad and Glider Protos may not use the MCS. The MCS weighs 250 kilos for any ProtoMech five tons or lighter. A MCS for a ProtoMech that weighs six to nine tons weighs 500 kilos, and the system weighs 1000 kilos for a ProtoMech that weighs ten tons or more.[1]

A ProtoMech with an MCS can catch a ride on a 'Mech, regardless of type, per the Mechanized Battle Armor Rules, but each 'Mech can only carry two ProtoMechs. These two ProtoMechs are carried on the Front or Rear Center Torso locations only. In the case of Ultraheavy ProtoMechs, the 'Mech's carrying capacity is reduced to one and must be carried on the front center torso. As ProtoMechs are heavier than Battle Armor, their presence on the 'Mech will reduce the unit's top speed per the rules for carrying external cargo. An OmniMech that carries ProtoMechs subtracts 3 from the weight of each ProtoMech when computing the total weight. (For example a Delphyne carried by an OmniMech would be considered a six ton unit instead of a nine ton unit.)[1]

Any critical hits to the ProtoMech's torso destroys the MCS.[1]


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