Magnetic Clamps (Battle Armor)


Magnetic Clamps are devices which allow battle armor troopers the ability to "hitch a ride" on non-OmniMechs. While a straightforward proposition - fit a suit with powerful electromagnets so it can attach to any 'Mech - the weak magnetic attraction of the chassis means the trooper is liable to be thrown off. To compensate, special mechanical grippers assist the electromagnets, allowing the suit to cling more securely to their ride.[1]

Magnetic clamps were introduced to the Inner Sphere by the Capellan Confederation for their first battle armor suit, the Fa Shih, in 3062.[1] Later variants of the Infiltrator Mk. II and Longinus were fitted with magnetic clamps.[2] In the thirty-second century, the Centaur Battle Armor and Marauder Battle Armor were built incorporating magnetic clamps in their design.[3][4] However, the Clans have never utilized magnetic clamps on their battle armor, although during the Wars of Reaving the Society developed a Magnetic Clamp System for their ProtoMechs.[1][5]


Game Rules[edit]

Magnetic clamps weigh 30 kg, take up two space slots and are tech level C.[6] A suit may only carry one set of clamps. Quadruped, assault-weight and suits fitted with an Underwater Maneuvering Unit may not be equipped with magnetic clamps.[1]


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