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Magnum Auto-Pistol
Production Information
Manufacturer ???
Usage Foot Infantry
Motorized Infantry
Weapon Class Category:Infantry Weapons
Tech Base
Cost (unloaded) ???
Cost (Reload) ???
Introduced ???
Classic BattleTech RPG
Name ???
Tech Base
Equipment Ratings
Technology Rating F
Availability Ratings X/X/X
Legality Rating F
Technical Specifications
Damage Type M


Damage Stats
Damage ??? AP OR

??? Armor Penetration*??? d6 OR ??? BD

Shots per Burst ???
Splash/Blast ???
Incendiary ???
Minimum Range ???
Short Range ???
Medium Range ???
Long Range ???
Extreme Range ???
Classic BattleTech
Damage ???
General Information
Shots per Reload ???
Shots per Burst ???
Bursts per Reload ???
Power per Pack ???
Power per Shot ???
Power per Burst ???
Bursts per Pack
Weapon and Ammo Mass
Mass ??? kg
Mass Per Reload ??? kg
Power Pack Mass ??? kg
Battle Value
BV (1.0) ???
Ammo BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???
Ammo BV (2.0) ???
Notes ???



The Magnum Auto-Pistol fires rifle ammunition, and for this reason has a much heavier frame to resist failure. Rounds fired from a magnum pistol have superior man stopping power compared to standard pistol caliber rounds. [1]



Item: Magnum Auto-Pistol
Technology: Medium technology
Age of War/Early Star League: Very common
Succession Wars: Very common
Clan Invasion: Common
Legality: Controlled
Armor piercing/base damage: 3B/5
Range: 5/20/50/120
Shots: 8
Cost/reload: 75/4
Affiliation: —
Mass: 500 G
Notes: -1 TO-HIT*



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