Main Gauche

Main Gauche light support tank
Production information
Manufacturer Brooks Incorporated[1]
Production Year 3064[2]
Mission Fire Support
Type Tracked
Cost 806,000 C-bills[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 30 tons[1]
Armor Jolassa 320[1]
Engine GM 120 fusion engine[1]
Speed 64 km/h
Crew 2[1]
Communications System Garret T21-C[1]
Targeting Tracking System Corean B-Tech[1]
Heat Sinks 10 single
BV (1.0) 295[3]
BV (2.0) 464[1][2][4]


The Main Gauche light support tank is a fire support companion to Brooks Incorporated's Galleon. Though slower—topping out at only 64 km/h—five tons of armor protect it. The Main Gauche was actually submitted to the Free Worlds League Military because that organization was looking for a tank with long range capability. It finally reached full production in 3064.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The main gun of the Main Gauche is an Imperator Type II Light Gauss Rifle, a weapon that has an incredible range. The single magazine carries a ton of ammunition. In order to mount this, however, the tank forgoes speed, armor, a turret, and close-range weaponry. Its only backup is a pair of Voelkers Machine Guns, which are only a credible threat to unarmored infantry.[1]


  • C3 
    This variant introduced in 3066[5] removes the Machine Guns to add a C3 slave unit and an ER Small Laser. While this lessens short-range damage potential, it makes the Light Gauss Rifle much more accurate if another unit in its C3 network is close to the Main Gauche's target. This makes it even more advantageous for the light tank to stay at extreme range[1]. BV (1.0) = 302 (C3: 62)[3], BV (2.0) = 472[6][5]
  • XL 
    This variant also developed in 3066[7] upgrades the engine to an extralight. The weight saved allows the Main Gauche's speed to be upgraded to a max of 97 km/h. It also adds a slight amount of armor. Though this is clearly an advantageous upgrade, it also increases the expense of the tank considerably[1]. BV (1.0) = 375[3], BV (2.0) = 585[8][7]
  • IFV 
    Based on the XL variant, this version introduced in 3081[9] is equipped with a four ton infantry compartment. The weapons have been removed and replaced by a forward-mounted plasma rifle with 2 tons of ammo and two Light Machine Guns. Another Light Machine Gun covers the right and left side of the tank. It also carries some additional armor. BV (2.0) = 725[10][9]



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