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Malagrotta nearby systems
Malagrotta nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 428.053 : -271.226[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary Description[edit]

The Malagrotta system is home to a titanium-rich planetoid, the airless moon of Fontana. The system has been heavily contested nearly from the time of settlement, a dispute which helped provoke the Reunification War. During the Succession Wars, Malagrotta was the site of many Taurian incursions, despite the distance from the Taurian/Federated Suns border. In 3062, Malagrotta is garrisoned by the Malagrotta CMM, and mining operations are handled by the Grex-Dex mining concern.[36]

Planetary History[edit]

The Malagrotta Affair[edit]

Main article: Malagrotta Affair

Though colonized first by the Taurian Concordat, mining rights to the moon of Fontana were granted to both Taurian and Davion mining concerns following the Omsol Accord in 2511. The treaty also stipulated that neither the Concordat nor the Federated Suns could deploy their militaries to the system.

Separate mining operations were both successful for more than 60 years when, during the escalating hostilities leading to the Reunification War, a small Taurian flotilla entered the system accidentally. Davion mining crews immediately notified a Davion fleet waiting in a nearby system. The Davion fleet jumped into the system in response, destroying two Wagon Wheel-class WarShips and capturing a third vessel.

Several months later, Protector Caterina Calderon offered an apology. However, the apology came too late to prevent the oncoming invasion. In future years, the encounter at Malagrotta and subsequent battle would be known as the Malagrotta Affair.

Independence and Occupation[edit]

By the Jihad, the Malagrotta and nearby worlds were suffering from plague of pirate raids. Finding that the Federated Suns government was not meeting the needs of her people on the periphery border. Malagrotta Combat Region & Government of Malagrotta brokered deal with its neighbors forming the Malagrotta Cooperative in March 19th, 3073.[37] The Malagrotta was made the new nation's capital world, as when it was capital of FedSun's Combat Region.

In 3074, the Rocky's Bloodhands attired and paraded outside the city walls of Hammond, where one of her members, Greta Halperin, had been able to infiltrate the city as an independent MechWarrior and secured employment as a defensive cornerstone of the city. Halperin led the city garrison commander's Quickdraw into a position isolated from the rest of his lance and turned on him. With their commander dead, Hammond's defenses quickly crumbled and the Bloodhands stormed the city, killing more than two thousand civilians and slaughtering the entire Hammond Defense Force.

When reinforcements arrived to save the city, the Bloodhands were already gone, lifting for orbit, Greta Halperin believed to have lifted with them.[38]

However, in 3075, one of the Pirate bands to whom the Malagrotta Cooperative government had issued a Letter of Marque, the Death's Consorts, found its leader dead in March 22nd. Then moved with its new leader, to overthrow the Malagrotta government in violent coup.[28] By the 25th of October the Death's Consorts had completed their coup, with the new pirate leader Gary Tiqualme publicly declaring himself to be the new ruler of the Cooperative; the basis of his claim to rule of Malagrotta itself - other than military force - was the allegation that Voorzitter Marion Whillshire had killed Lady Paula Trevaline, making Whillshire leader of the Consorts according to the Consorts internal laws, only to then pass a death sentence on the Consorts for what he described as "attempting to fulfill the Letters of Marque negotiated in good faith". Tiqualme then challenged Whillshire under Consort Law and killed her, making him de facto Voorzitter of Malagrotta in turn. Tiqualme's declaration of rulership was blunt, emphasizing that day to day life wouldn't change but that challenges to his authority would be met with a swift and brutal response, and began immediately appointing his preferred choices as key government Ministers.[39][40][41]

Military Deployment[edit]









Planetary Locations[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 24 systems (23 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Csomad 20.9 June 23.3 Jacobabad 23.6 Baranda 24.5
Gurrnazovo 30.9 Jodipur 32.4 Hoonaar 33.2 Armington 33.3
Fetsund 35.5 Gronholt 39.3 Fuveau 40.5 Vackisujfalu 41.2
Agliana 42.4 Tiruchchirappalli 45.0 Birmensdorf 45.0 Estuan 47.5
Niquinohomo 49.0 Dumassas 50.5 Olindo 50.7 Adelson 51.7
Sanurcha 52.1 Naka Pabni 54.1 Quimper 57.3 Redondo 63.4


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