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Maltex Corporation
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Maltex Corporation was a military manufacturer that produced equipment for the SLDF and AFFS. It later produced equipment for the DCMS.


Maltex Corporation produced some of the Star League's most effective BattleMechs. The Wyvern and Thug were both popular with pilots. Maltex also designed and introduced the Assassin medium 'Mech but sold the design to Hellespont Mech Works.[2] In 2685, Maltex responded to the problem of too many unit commanders piloting Wyverns being lost in close assaults or close combat in urban environments by developing the WVN-5UX Wyvern City variant. Four prototypes were manufactured and supplied to the Star League Defense Force for testing; the SLDF tests and simulations showed that the new variant led to much more effective command decisions at battalion-level, but a much more aggressive push for combat at company commander level, rendering it unsuitable for use below battalion level. The testing conducted by Maltex and the SLDF highlighted that the noticeable difference in appearance between the Wyvern City and standard Wyvern allowed commanders to be identified and targeted by enemy forces, increasing the risk to these valuable officers. The SLDF was unwilling to accept the tradeoff, and production was discontinued; the four prototypes that had been produced were scrapped in 2687.[3]

In 2835, Maltex main production line was destroyed. This left them in possession of several plans and documents but no way to produce them. To take advantage of this, Maltex partnered with several other manufacturers to produce their designs, including Hellespont and Earthwerks Incorporated[4]

The ISF used Maltex's status as a design house to confuse MIIO and DMI investigators about the Hatamoto-Chi. By claiming that the design was a product of "Maltex Corporation," the ISF was able to focus attention away from the actual production lines. This initially led the intelligence agencies to believe that the Maltex Corporation had introduced a new factory on Nirasaki. This information was later discovered to be an error but by then Hatamoto-Chi production was in full swing.[5]

A lance of Wyverns presumed to be from the Maltex Security Forces became known as the Four Horsemen of Errai.


Maltex Corporation has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Errai:[6][7][8][9][10]
Component Type
ASN-21 Assassin[11] Medium BattleMech
WVE-5N Wyvern[8] Medium BattleMech
WVE-5UX Wyvern City[9] Medium BattleMech
THG-11E Thug[7] Assault BattleMech
THG-11ECX Thug Jose Assault BattleMech[10]
Earthwerks VOL Endo Steel Thug[7]
Maltex 40 Assassin[11]
Ost Endo Steel Wyvern[8]
Fusion Engine
GM 180 Wyvern[8]
Pitban 320 Thug[7]
Jump Jets
Lox Lift Series 1 Assassin[11]
Northrup 750 Wyvern[8]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
100 AFVTA Assassin[11]
Kilosh 100 w/CASE Wyvern[8]
Mitchell Argon w/CASE Thug[7]
Communications System
Colmax 90 Thug[7]
Garret T15 B Assassin[11]
Ostman AMB Wyvern[8]
Targeting-Tracking System
Garret 500S Assassin[11]
Scrambler-7 Series Wyvern[8]
TharHes Ares-5 Thug[7]


Components produced on Unity:[12][13][14][15]
Component Type
HTM-27W2 Hatamoto-Ku[12] Assault BattleMech
HTM-35K Hatamoto-Kaeru[13] Assault BattleMech
HTM-35X Hatamoto-Kaeru[14] Assault BattleMech
HTM-30S Hatamoto-Suna[15] Assault BattleMech
HTM-30Z Hatamoto-Godai[15] Assault BattleMech
Earthwerks VOL Hatamoto-Kaero[13] and Hatamoto-Suna[15]
Fusion Engine
GM 240 Hatamoto-Suna[15]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 320 XL Hatamoto-Kaeru[13]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Ballistic-Reinforced w/CASE Hatamoto-Suna[15]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
New Samarkand Royal ferro-fibrous Hatamoto-Kaeru[13]
Communications System
Colmax 90 Hatamoto-Kaeru[13] & Hatamoto-Suna[15]
Targeting-Tracking System
Garret D2j Hatamoto-Kaeru[13]
Garret D2j w/Apollo FCS Hatamoto-Suna[15]
Gauss Rifle
Imperator Dragon's Fire Hatamoto-Suna[15]
Medium Laser
Victory 23R Hatamoto-Kaeru[13]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Type 20X Hatamoto-Suna[15]
Snub Nose PPC
Lord's Light 5 Hatamoto-Kaeru[13]
Shigunga Hatamoto-Kaeru[13]
Shigunga Hatamoto-Suna[15]
Telos Darkwater Hatamoto-Kaeru[13]


  • A handful of sources, most notably Technical Readout: 3050 [1990], Objective Raids [1992], Tactical Handbook [1994], and Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130) [2003] incorrectly ascribe Combine ownership and manufacturing to the Errai factory. This was retconned in Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrades [2007] as a disinformation campaign aimed at MIIO that fooled ComStar archivists as well, but created some continuity issues.


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