Malthus (Bloodname)

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The Malthus Bloodname was a Clan Jade Falcon founding legacy.[1]

Known Bloodname Holders[edit]

Bloodname Founder[edit]




Field Officers[edit]

Notable Warriors[edit]

House Politics[edit]

The Twycross debacle[edit]

The consequences for the Malthus Bloodname, as a result of Adler Malthus' failure, were devastating. The Bloodright previously held by Adler Malthus was so tainted by his ignominious death that it went unchallenged for by Jade Falcon MechWarriors, and was ultimately claimed by Taman Malthus, an Elemental, much to the disgust of other Trueborn Clan warriors.[44] SaKhan Timur Malthus was forced to resign, leading to the ascension of Vandervahn Chistu, and many House Malthus Bloodnamed warriors were sent back to the Clan Homeworlds.[45][46]


This legacy is considered a General one, with warriors from its sibkos qualifying for all Clan combat styles.[47]


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