Malvina Hazen

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Malvina Hazen ER3145.png
Malvina Hazen
Character Profile
Also known as Chinggis Khan,
The White Virgin,
The Butcher of Wotan,
The Mad Falcon
Born 3103[1]
Died April 23, 3151[2]
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Khan
Profession MechWarrior
Siblings Aleksandr Hazen
Children Cynthy (adopted)

Malvina Hazen was a MechWarrior and Khan of Clan Jade Falcon during the Dark Age, also known as the Chingis Khan.

Abused by her sibkin from a young age, Malvina grew into a brutal but charismatic warrior. Tapping into discontent within her Clan to spark the Rending of 3136, Hazen won the civil war and became one of the most dynamic Khans in Jade Falcon history. Implementing a more vicious interpretation of the Mongol Doctrine, which became synonymous with her name, Hazen led the Falcons to crushing victories over the Lyran Commonwealth and the Republic of the Sphere throughout the 3140s, vastly expanding the Clan's territory and power. Hazen's streak of victories came to an end on Terra in 3151; while successful in destroying the Republic in parallel with Clan Wolf, Hazen's warriors subsequently lost the ilClan Trial and Hazen herself was murdered shortly after.



Malvina had a harsh youth; due to her small size she was subject to constant torment from all but one of the other children in her sibko, the only one to stand by her side was her "brother" Aleksandr. One night in particular stuck with Malvina where both she and Aleks were attacked in the middle of the night by the other children in their sibko. There was not enough food for everyone and the other children thought that if they eliminated the two of them then there would be enough food to go around. When it was finished, Malvina had killed two of them and injured a third before the adults could defuse the matter.[3] From that event onward, Malvina has kept true to her talent of violence and has never left an opponent survive a fight against her except for Aleks.[1]


Malvina was able to pass her Trial of Position to become a warrior with the Jade Falcon touman as a Star Captain where she learned and took great personal fondness of the Falcon variant of the Clan Hell's Horses Mongol Doctrine. Her reputation as the leader of the Mongol movement within the Clan came ahead after she ordered the brutal execution of five thousand civilians as punishment for a labor mutiny on Wotan.[1]

Jade Falcon desant[edit]

Malvina was one of the three Galaxy Commanders assigned for the invasion of the Republic of the Sphere's Prefecture IX, which would become known as the Falcon desant. Its objective was to create a staging ground for a later invasion into the Lyran Commonwealth. When her brother died in the first invasion of Skye, she lost herself and vowed to do the only thing she knew at that point, which was to destroy everything in her path.[1]

When the invasion force was finally able to secure the invasion zone and no reinforcements arrived from the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, Malvina realized that Khan Jana Pryde was using them as a dumping ground for the Clan's malcontents. In 3 August 3135, Clan Hell's Horses Galaxy Commander Tristan Fletcher arrived on Skye to declare a Trial of Position over the Mongol Doctrine, and Malvina chose to fight in a Scimitar Mk.II tank, choosing Wyndham as her driver. She succeed in the duel by ramming Tristan's tank and later dismounting to kill him in a duel.[4] Later, Malvina took a Galaxy of his units to Sudeten, to fight Khan Jana Pryde and took the command of all his Clan.

Malvina left command of operations in the invasion corridor in the hands of Noritomo Helmer and returned to the Occupation Zone to challenge Khan Pryde for her position. The 14 September 3135, in Sudeten, the Khan's loyalists try to assassinate Malvina, but she was saved thanks to her bodyguards and Wyndham, who, piloting an APC, evacuated her.[5] After being saved, Malvina promoted Wyndham to Star Captain rank.[6] Later, Malvina would lead a rending, civil war, which ended with Pryde dying in space over Sudeten after a 'Mech duel.[1]


Soon after reaching power within her Clan, Malvina pressured Clan Hell's Horses to form an alliance, which she named the Golden Ordun, throwing their forces against the Lyran Commonwealth, conquering big swaths of territory. However, after the disastrous battle of Hesperus, the Horses left the Ordun.[7]

Defeat and Afterwards[edit]

Malvina would be defeated by Anastasia Kerensky's Savage Wolf. Despite Anastasia's eagerness to kill her, Alaric insisted on keeping Malvina alive instead so the Wolves would not have to stoop down to her level. Amazingly though, she kept her rank of Khan instead of being a bondswoman to the Wolves. Malvina would spend months recovering from her injuries with Cynthy helping her. Despite her loss however, she still remained cynical and bitter to ilKhan Alaric. She would grow angry when he forced her to give up Cynthy to the proper authorities, after seeing the injuries inflicted on her (she has been taking the brunt of Malvina's abuse after her loss to the wolves).[2]


Despite Malvina’s defeat on Terra, her death would not come at the hands of Clan Wolf, but by someone close to her within her own Clan: Cynthy. It turns out that all of the physical abuse Malvina has given her over the past years had finally taken a toll on her. The final straws were Alaric demanding Malvina to release her from her custody and the bruises on Cynthy’s forehead (possibly created by Malvina to vent her anger and frustration on Cynthy after losing ilClanship to the Wolves). When Galaxy Commander Stephanie Chistu entered her apartment, she saw Malvina Hazen on the floor covered in blood with a knife, while Cynthy was holding a blaster behind a broken mirror. Chistu concluded that Cynthy was defending herself from another physical abuse, attacking with the knife she made for her. Ignoring orders to call the medtechs, Chistu decided to calm down Cynthy and assure her that Malvina would never hurt her again. As the Chinggis Khan demanded Stephanie to come to her aid, Stephanie refused her orders, seeing this as a long time coming. Both Stephanie and Malvina would trade heated words of how they felt about each other, with Stephanie regarding Malvina as a tyrant who perverted the Clan Ways and Malvina regarding Stephanie as a traitor and puppet to Clan Wolf. With that final verbal spat, the hate-filled Hazen died from massive blood loss.[8]


Malvina Hazen had tainted her Clan’s honor as Khan of Clan Jade Falcon. She regarded the honorable (Crusader) ways of the Clans as weak and instilled a campaign of fear and terror across the Inner Sphere. As a further blatant disrespect to the Clan Ways, she would prefer the uses of nuclear strikes, orbital bombardments and sabotaging civilian infrastructure to scare or force people into submission. Another departure of the Clan way during her rule was the absence of taking bondsmen. As where most Clans took bondsmen if they fought honorably enough or depended on origin, Malvina would abandon this practice, instead opting for the execution of soldiers or civilians to make a point about her rule regardless if they surrendered or not. Malvina’s perversion of the Horses’ Mongol Doctrine and her title of "The Chinggis Khan" has given her a reputation that was on par with other mad leaders such as Stefan Amaris, Brett Andrews and Thomas Marik. The only positive aspect of her death is the healing process of Clan Jade Falcon by her new successor. Although the Mongol supporters in the Jade Falcons are her only legacy left behind. Her death at the hands of Cynthy showed how cruel she was as a person, treating her as a “pet” intending to be her omen to the Inner Sphere.[9] Had Malvina acted like a loving mother figure instead of an abusive one, she would have lived to remain as the Jade Falcon’s Khan.

Another major strike against Malvina's legacy was the weakening of Clan Jade Falcon as a whole. Undoubtedly, Hazen's actions and reputation had already turned other Clans against them in support of the Wolves. While she brought a large contingent of her Clan to prepare for the final battle for Terra, her Mongol Doctrine philosophy nearly destroyed the Clan by depleting their strength. This would leave a majority of their occupation zone worlds either open to attack (Operation NOYAN) or to form new governments (Turkina Ascendancy and Alyina Mercantile League) in their absence. It also left the Jade Falcon Clan fractured as there were two Jade Falcons factions now: The bodyguard Clan under Khan Stephanie Chistu and the remnants holding on in the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone under Khan Jiyi Chistu.


Her signature 'Mech was a customized Shrike she named Black Rose. Her flagship was the JumpShip La Vie en Rose and her personal DropShip was the White Reaper.

In the novel Rending of Falcons she pilots a borrowed Thor.



  • She enjoys giving a final kiss to the people she personally killed in their final moments.[citation needed]
  • Malvina Hazen was responsible for urging the development of the Jade Hawk BattleMech while still a Galaxy Commander; the hatred one of the technicians involved in the program had for the bloodthirsty Malvina was responsible for the design schematics of the Jade Hawk being shared with Clan Sea Fox to allow it to be sold on to non-Clan forces.[10]


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