Malvina Hazen

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Malvina Hazen ER3145.png
Malvina Hazen
Born 3103[1]
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Children Cynthy (adopted)

Malvina Hazen (born 3103[1] - died ????) is a MechWarrior and the Khan of Clan Jade Falcon, also known as the Chinggis Khan.

Character History[edit]


Malvina had a harsh youth; due to her small size she was subject to constant torment from all but one of the other children in her sibko, the only one to stand by her side was her "brother" Aleksandr. One night in particular stuck with Malvina where both she and Alek were attacked in the middle of the night by the other children in their sibko. There was not enough food for everyone and the other children thought that if they eliminated the two of them then there would be enough food to go around. When it was finished, Malvina had killed two of them and injured a third before the adults could defuse the matter.[2] From that event onward, Malvina has kept true to her talent of violence and has never left an opponent survive a fight against her except for Alek.[1]


Malvina was able to pass her Trial of Position to become a warrior with the Jade Falcon Touman as a Star Captain where she learned and took great personal fondness of the Falcon variant of the Clan Hell's Horses Mongol Doctrine. Her reputation as the leader of the Mongol movement within the Clan came ahead after she ordered the brutal execution of five thousand civilians as punishment for a labor mutiny on Wotan.[1]

Jade Falcon desant[edit]

Malvina was one of the three Galaxy Commanders assigned for the invasion of the Republic of the Sphere's Prefecture IX, which would become known as the Falcon desant. Its objective was to create a staging ground for a later invasion into the Lyran Commonwealth. When her brother died in the first invasion of Skye, she lost herself and vowed to do the only thing she knew at that point, which was to destroy everything in her path.[1]

When the invasion force was finally able to secure the invasion zone and no reinforcements arrived from the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, Malvina realized that Khan Jana Pryde was using them as a dumping ground for the Clan's malcontents. Malvina left command of operations in the invasion corridor in the hands of Noritomo Helmer and returned to the Occupation Zone to challenge Khan Pryde for her position. When she was refused, Malvina would lead a rending, civil war, which ended with Pryde dying in space over Sudeten after a 'Mech duel.[1]


Her signature 'Mech is a customized Shrike she named "Black Rose".

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Jana Pryde
Khan of Clan Jade Falcon

Succeeded by



  • She enjoys giving a final kiss to the people she personally killed in their final moments.
  • Malvina Hazen was responsible for urging the development of the Jade Hawk BattleMech while still a Galaxy Commander; the hatred one of the technicians involved in the program had for the bloodthirsty Malvina was responsible for the design schematics of the Jade Hawk being shared with Clan Sea Fox to allow it to be sold on to non-Clan forces.[3]


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