Man-Portable Plasma Rifle (Support Weapon)

This article is about the infantry support weapon. For the battle armor variant, see Man-Portable Plasma Rifle (Battle Armor).
Man-Portable Plasma Rifle.jpg
Man-Portable Plasma Rifle
Production information
Type Medium/Support (E)
Tech Base IS
Year Availability 3065 (CC)
Technology Rating E
Availability Ratings X/X/D
Technical specifications
Damage 1.58
Short Range 2
Medium Range 4
Long Range 6
Mass 30 kg
Mass Per Reload 18kg (10)
Cost (unloaded) 7,500[1]
BV (2.0) 6.6[2]


The Man-Portable Plasma Rifle (M-PPR) was created by Ceres Arms in response to a request by the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces. Doubtful of the effectiveness of conventional infantry with the introduction of battle armor, the CCAF used funding aid provided for by members of their Trinity Alliance to develop a portable weapon which would boost the infantry's hitting power. While technically an energy weapon, the M-PPR consumes both energy and solid ammunition similar to Gauss weaponry.[3]

The rifle is effectively a rugged ceramic-lined tube tied to an energy coupler and a cooling system, using a backpack power supply and a ten-round magazine consisting of plastic-foam cartridges. When fired, a laser converts a cartridge into plasma and releases it through the barrel towards the target. The high heat of the plasma, combined with its wide dispersion upon impact, makes it functionally similar to an incendiary missile; while effective against armored targets by setting them aflame, its penetration is less than a Hellbore Assault Laser. With the addition of a proper adapter and more robust cooling system the M-PPR can also be mounted on battle suits.[3]



Item:Plasma Rifle, Man-Portable
Equipment Rating: E/X-X-D/F
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 5E/10CS
Range: 60/250/500/1000 meters
Shots: 10; 5 Power Points per Shot
Cost/Reload: 7,500/10*
Affiliation: CC
Mass/Reload: 30kg/8kg*
Notes: Encumbering; Incendiary



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