Manfred Holm

Manfred Holm
Born 3019
Affiliation White Hand Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator


Born in 3019, in 3051 Manfred Holm was fighting for White Hand Stables and ranked 7th in Solaris Top Twenty. He is a relative newcomer, honing his skills at the moment before advancing to championship level. Most observes believe this will happen in the next two to three years. He does not speak much, but he is known to his friends as personable and pleasant. How did he get his hands on a BCN-3S Banshee is unknown, but his success is doing a lot to resuscitate the reputation of that much-maligned 'Mech.[1]


Manfred Holm is a MechWarrior is a crack shot, often scoring devastating hits at medium and long range well before his opponents have even gotten a fix on him. Although he can handle correctly in hand-to-hand fights, he is known for avoiding them.[1]


In 3051 he was piloting a Banshee, a 3S model.[1]


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