Manipulator or Manipulator Arm is a type of large, dexterous actuator which is a smaller and less sophisticated version of a 'Mech's arm and hand actuators. The device is more advanced than a robot arm found in a factory, which gives the user the ability to handle objects with better care than a clumsy gripper.

There is a smaller version of the Manipulator, which is known simply as Basic Manipulator. This version of the device allows for the user to control the smaller manipulator more directly while using an exoskeleton or a battle armor.[1]

Manipulator arms mounted on a Cortez Series N


Like its cousin the Salvage Arm, the Manipulator is ancient technology, with the technology first being developed circa the year 2000.[2]


The arms can typically lift upwards of a hundred kilograms and an object as big as five meters. The Manipulator Arm is typically used in hazardous conditions, where the operator needs to be protected from things such as hazardous waste. It can also be used in an airless environment.[3]


  • In TechManual, the article for the Manipulator noted that further uses for the equipment would be detailed in the then-upcoming CBT: RPG (Revised) manual, which contains Advanced rules. A Time of War RPG rulebook, the successor to CBT: RPG, does not list any functions for this particular piece of equipment with the exception of the Basic Manipulator for the battle armor and exoskeletons.[4]


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