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Mar Helmer

Mar Helmer
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Galaxy Commander
Profession MechWarrior

Mar Helmer was an elite[1] trueborn Crusader MechWarrior in Clan Jade Falcon before Operation REVIVAL, earning glory during the invasion as commander of Gamma Galaxy, and leading the Galaxy through the crucible of Tukayyid until the loss of rank and prestige after his poor command showing during the Refusal War and post-Coventry.


Decanted on Huntress of a Helmer-Kyle line sibko, Mar earned the rank of Star Captain in his Trial of Position and command of Trinary Alpha in the Jade Falcon Guards. Pre-REVIVAL, he led his Trinary to victory against the Smoke Jaguar and Steel Viper Clans in the Homeworlds, taking the Marshall mining moon Diamondstar in 3042 from the Vipers. By age 23, he earned the position of Star Colonel and command of the Falcon Guards. Support among fellow Crusaders, including previous Guards commander Cynthia Helmer, gave him the opportunity to earn his Bloodname two years later[1]

Sometime prior to 3048, Mar commanded the 12th Falcon Regulars.[2]

It is unknown what Galaxy now ristar Galaxy Commander Mar Helmer led at the time leading to the Invasion. In the Revival Trials, he defeated Star Colonel Gran Newclay in a Trial of Refusal and took command of the Falcon contingent, with the blessing of saKhan and Gamma (Jade Falcon) Galaxy commander Timur Malthus.[3][4] Through all four rounds of the Placement Trials, he led the Third Falcon Talon Cluster to an undefeated record, earning Alpha Corridor and honor for the Clan.

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

Shortly after the disgrace of the Malthus line at Twycross in 3050, Mar Helmer was given the prestigious Jade Falcon Galaxy. From that point on, his Galaxy had the highest success ratio of all Clan Jade Falcon forces during the Invasion. He briefly was considered for Khanship, and rivaled with new saKhan Vandervahn Chistu.[5]

In June 3050, the loss of a Clan Diamond Shark Merchant Caste JumpShip coincided with an increase in resistance activity near Brocchi's Cluster. Looking to embarrass the Sharks, Helmer used the affair to accuse them of aiding and abetting Bandits. He called for a Trial of Annihilation to ilKhan Leo Showers for the Shark Merchant's treason and refusal to follow Clan tradition. To gain political favors from the Shark's Crusaders, Khan Crichell was unwilling to support Helmer, especially over the loss of some freebirths. When challenged to prove or disprove the assertions, Mar Helmer balked and the Diamond Sharks were able to produce documents of their interactions with local business, giving only nonmilitary supplies to non-Clan forces. Crichell then proposed the exile of Diamond Shark merchants from the Inner Sphere; this led to Diamond Shark warrior/merchant strife, the (temporary) loss of Shark Merchant power, the adding of Diamond Keshik to the fourth wave of the Falcons, and the loss of face for Mar Helmer.[6]


Mar was not physically hurt during Tukayyid the Accursed,[1] but did receive damage to his codex. To ensure Gamma Galaxy was given opportunity to take the crossings over the Prezno River, in his bidding against saKhan Chistu, the Galaxy Commander bid lead Clusters to his most inexperienced of Star Colonels: that of the 7th Falcon Regulars Cluster, Devlin Hazen, and his favored Star Colonel, Senza Oriega of his former command the Twelfth Falcon Regulars at Robyn’s Crossing. The loss of much of the 12th and 7th Regulars to the treachery of ComStar charges set on the bridges lost Galaxy Commander Mar Helmer momentum and both Robyn's Crossing and Plough Bridge were abandoned. With a kurultai called almost thirty kilometers south, the assault was stalled for nearly two days while commanders ignored the recommendations of the inexperienced or dezgra such as Aidan Pryde. Finally given a beachhead though the unorthodox tactics of the Falcon Guard, the success at Olalla was short-lived when the stores at the city were set ablaze and the destruction forced the Falcons to retreat. The combined Vau and Gamma force was sent back across the river and to their DropShips and saved by the rearguard death of the Jade Phoenix. The redemption of the Falcon Guards and the Draw earned against the Com Guard did little to salve the losses on Tukayyid and cost Mar much of his chance at advancement.[7]

Refusal War[edit]

Mar commanded the Gamma Galaxy throughout the Refusal War, though Khans Crichell and Chistu commanded the overall Trial. The remaining three line Clusters and the solahma Cluster were not full strength.[8] After the Refusal War, Mar was challenged for Galaxy Command and defeated by Rozendo Hazen.[9][10]

The Jade Falcon Incursion[edit]

Though Gamma Galaxy took part in the Coventry Incursion of 3058, Mar Helmer is not noted to have participated.


Post-Coventry, Star Colonel Mar Helmer was in command of the 5th Talon Cluster of Iota Galaxy, assigned by Khan Pryde,[11] a command he continued to claim as late as 3067.[12]

Just before the Hellion Tantrum, Mar Helmer regained from long-time rival Gran Newclay his rank and position leading Iota Galaxy, but was once again disgraced following his poor performance, losing command to Temple Clees.[13]


Mar Helmer piloted a Summoner OmniMech during the Battle of Tukayyid.[1]

The apocryphal video game MechWarrior Online cited Mar Helmer as the pilot of Breaker, the game's Nova Hero 'Mech.


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