Marcel Thennes

Marcel Thennes
Character Profile
Born 5 June 3103
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Title(s) Knight-Errant of the Republic of the Sphere
Profession MechWarrior

Marcel Thennes was a MechWarrior and Knight-Errant of the Republic of the Sphere during the Dark Age Era.[1]

Personal Appearance[edit]

Thennes had short black hair and blue eyes.[1]


Marcel Thennes was born to a wealthy family on Piedmont. Thennes was a sickly child because of a bout with the chungalomeningitis brain disease during his infancy. This made him withdrawn for much of his youth, with books and holodocumentaries becoming his friends, which enriched his mind and filled him with a sense of wanderlust. He indulged this urge upon reaching adulthood when he journeyed to Terra, where he became fascinated with the martial nobility of the Knights of the Sphere. He spend several years in physical training to overcome the effects of his past ailments and finally met the minimum entry requirements and found a Knight to sponsor him as a Knight-Errant. Though the MechWarrior training still proved physically grueling for him, the mental challenges proved no match for his refined intellect. Time has not changed Thennes, who has remained a brains-over-brawn man, with his pale, gaunt appearance contrasting with his sharp wit, tactical brilliance, and strength of character.[1]


Marcel Thennes is known to have piloted a Wolfhound which he named Kriegerhund.[2][1]


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