Marco Mazzoni

Marco Mazzoni
Occupation Illustrator

Marco Mazzoni is an illustrator who has produced BattleTech art for Catalyst Game Labs and Harebrained Schemes.


Seattle-based Marco Mazzoni has been a BattleTech fan since the 1980s, initially producing fan-work before doing official art for a number of Catalyst Game Labs books, primary cover pieces, as well as being contracted by Harebrained Schemes to produce work for concept art for the BattleTech (Video Game) as well as covers for the Mike Stackpole novellas, the game's marketing art, vehicle designs, and the Kickstarter backer BattleMech paint schemes. Mazzoni eventually joined Harebrained Schemes as Co-Art Director, most notably working on the expansions for the main game which saw him develop the Hatchetman for the Urban Warfare expansion.

Marco Mazzoni played MechWarrior Online and was a member of the MWO player clan Isengrim, including a number of references to the unit in his works for Harebrained Schemes as well as submitting the unit for inclusion in the Second Succession War sourcebook - Topic: Second Succession War Mercenaries - by the fans!

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