Marcos Radick

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Marcos Radick.jpg
Marcos Radick
Born 3029
Died 3057
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Star Colonel

Marcos Radick (born 3029 - supposedly died 3057[1][2]) was a Star Colonel for Clan Wolf during Operation REVIVAL. An ardent Crusader and ristar, he would become enmeshed in the politics surrounding the Clans' great political divide, drawing considerable attention for his negative behavior, attention that would stall his career before his death during the Great Refusal.[3]


A very young Star Colonel and Bloodnamed warrior by any standard, Marcos Radick was politically a Crusader of conservative view, and was noted to possess a short temper. He is described as being rather typical of his Bloodname House; thick build, average facial features, and a love for convoluted plots that is also described as common to warriors of the Radick bloodline.[4]

Big Wheels Turning[edit]

Early in his career, Marcos Radick became a part of the Crusader movement in Clan Wolf, led by then-Loremaster Conal Ward. Radick's ability to quickly alter his plans according to need assisted his swift rise through the ranks, leading some to claim that he was the true power behind the Crusaders. Some have speculated that he originated the plot to make Ulric Kerensky the new ilKhan after the death of ilKhan Leo Showers, thereby forcing the Crusaders' greatest enemy into doing their will while opening up the Khanship of Clan Wolf to a possible Crusader takeover. This plot would backfire when ilKhan Kerensky chose Natasha Kerensky as his successor as Khan and released his Wolves to surge ahead, eventually gaining victory for his Clan at Tukayyid, while also putting a temporary end to the Clan Invasion, regardless of the plan's true authorship.[4]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

As commander of the Wolves' Thirty-Seventh Striker Cluster, Star Colonel Radick and his unit would see action at Sigurd, Unzmarkt, and Memmingen. On the worlds of Shaula and Carse, the 37th Striker was deployed as part of a greater action with Delta Galaxy. He was wounded in action on Tukayyid, ironically taking part in his ilKhan's temporary triumph over the Crusaders with the ensuing truce after the over-all Clan defeat.[5][6]

Meet the New Boss[edit]

Stemming from his Crusader beliefs, the greatest weakness of Star Colonel Radick was his attitude towards freeborn warriors, lower-caste citizenry, and all Spheroids in general. During Operation Revival, mining and construction workers in the Clan Homeworlds under his authority went on strike to protest unsafe working conditions, only to be met by the blazing weapons of Star Colonel Radick's troops. This engendered strong feelings of contempt for Radick in his lower castes and in many of the warriors under his command.[3][4]

In the Inner Sphere, Memmingen became the site of Marcos Radick's most infamous deeds. After beating Khan Natasha Kerensky's bid to take the world, he found that he lacked sufficient force to slug it out with the 3rd Drakøns, who had gone to ground with a guerrilla campaign against the Clan invaders. The hit-and-run tactics infuriated Radick, with the unit slipping out of his Cluster's line of fire often during the long fight. Finally, after losing the Drakøns near the settlements of Danton and Greenvale, Star Colonel Radick also lost his temper, and ordered his men to raze both villages, causing hundreds of deaths. The Drakøns retreated off world, but vowed to avenge themselves upon Marcos Radick for his war crimes. In the days afterward, Radick would find much glee in taunting the civilians under his control, reveling in the high bounty placed on his head, which he dared the Drakøns to attempt to collect.[4][7]

After the disgrace and disappearance of Conal Ward, Khan Natasha Kerensky used her authority to stymie his career by snubbing him when she appointed a new commander of Delta Galaxy, instead appointing staunch Warden John Ward to the position.[3]

Refusal War and Death[edit]

Radick's Thirty-Seventh Striker Cluster would cease to exist as a unit during the Refusal War, being listed on no roster by 3059, with ComStar intelligence indicating Radick to have died in that conflict. Still driven by anger over his actions at Memmingen, the Free Rasalhague Republic's 3rd Drakøns however refused to accept he was dead, launching a number of raids into the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone in the years since searching for him and the 37th Striker Cluster, [1] ultimately culminating in an unsanctioned berserker drive across Wolf Clan territory in 3065 that almost cost the Drakøns their lives.[2]


Marcos Radick is noted to have piloted a Nova prime as of 3052.[6]


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