Marcus Barton

Marcus Barton
Marcus Barton
Affiliation McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Profession Colonel
Parents Thomas Barton (father)

Marcus Barton was a legendary commander of the mercenary unit Second McCarron's Armored Cavalry.

Physical Description[edit]

Described as a large, loud fellow, Barton wears a Confederate hat with a red bandana tied around it, and a black leather vest with a full-color MAC emblem on the back.


Marcus, had an unhappy childhood. Son of Federated Suns military officer Thomas Barton, His mother was killed in a raid on Emerson in 2988, and Marcus lived at a private school while his father was away on duty.

In 2991, his father resigned from the military, after losing his post thanks to the machination of a rival, Lester J. Otto, seeing his career forever destroyed, but despite the fact Marcus knew something terrible had happened to disrupt their lives, many years passed before his father spoke of it.

Marcus's military career begun on Solaris as a top arena MechWarrior. As his reputation grew, mercenary and House commanders asked him to join them. He refused only Federated Suns units or mercenary companies working in Federation space.

In 3007, Archibald McCarron, commanding officer of the mercenary unit McCarron Armored Cavalry, came looking for Marcus. He found him sitting in a dive on the sleazy side of town. Marcus told him how he felt about mercenary commanders, including McCarron. Archie decked him. The brawl between both left them pretty chewed, but Marcus was so impressed by Archie unit's loose command that he joined the MAC.[1] In 3010, Barton was already a lance commander, and his unit become an assault lance. In 3015, Archie promoted Marcus to regiment commander, putting him in command of the Second regiment of the MAC: The unit was renamed "Barton's Regiment". Archie's orders to Marcus were "to create the meanest assault regiment the Inner Sphere had ever seen", and he did exactly that.[2] Since becoming regimental commander, Barton put together one of the MAC's sharpest groups of tactical officers. Marcus proved his cunning, as he changed tactics as fast as needed to adapt to new situations, and routinely delegating command decisions to his officers, and considering him his staffs as his equals.

Barton's unit's first assignment was on the world of Elnath. Forces from the Free Worlds League had been launching raids against ammunition and vehicle manufacturing plants on Elnath, disrupting the production, and Barton's regiment received the task of defending it. Knowing than Gorndack was the attacker's base of operations, Barton decided to take the problem out at his source, planning to strike hard and fast, but found the system in full alert. However, Barton never run away from a fight, so he ordered his unit to charge. his frontal charge suceed in taking the fort, but his unit was in shambles: barely two battalions remained operative.[2] Barton become a legend after this battle, being called "Barton the Fort Buster". His regiment was brought at full force in 3016.

In 3022, Barton's regiment was part of "McCarron's long March", the mercenary unit full attack against Federated Suns space. Archibald planned to demoralize the Davion units, attacking Bourgogne. That fortress hadn't been attacked in over a hundred years, and was one of five fortresses along the Davion-Liao border used as primary resupply bases for the Capellan March Militia. The attack of Barton's regiment suffered heavy losses and the losses began mounting. The unit command staff began considering to retreat, but the majority voted to attack. After a vicious attack, they succeed in taking the fort, reducing it to a smoking ruin.[3]

Barton would continue to lead the MAC's Second Regiment during the War of 3039. Though the Confederation was not directly involved in the fighting between Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Combine, McCarron's Armored Cavalry were given permission in May 3039 to take advantage of the assumed AFFS pre-occupation to lunch a series of hit-and-run raids as they advanced toward their intended target, the important factory world of Kathil. With Barton's Regiment the first to land, though Barton was outnumbered he was unconcerned, striking at the seemingly sluggish 8th Syrtis Fusiliers while awaiting the other MAC regiments to arrive, unaware that Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion had prepared a trap for the mercenaries. Holding back until after the First and Third MAC landed, the Davion forces sprung their trap, revealing the Alcyone CMM and 1st Kittery Borderers were also on-world. Now heavily outnumbered, the shocked MAC held out for few more days before conceding they were over-matched. As the fighting on Kathil bogged down, Archie McCarron learned of the FedCom strike against their homeworld of Menke and immediately recalled the bulk of his troops, but gave an unsatisfied Colonel Barton authorisation to continue to operate behind enemy lines as he saw fit. [4] [5]

Barton ultimately opted for a totally unexpected and highly questionable attack against Addicks, the command center of the entire Addicks PDZ. With Addicks a major staging point for units taking part in the invasion of the Combine, Barton easily concealed his two 'Mech Battalions among the multiple RCTs and regiments on-world. Painting his forces to resemble some of the Davion units stationed on Addicks, Barton's forces launched their attack on November 14th 3039, rampaging through the spaceport for three and half hours before making a break for their DropShips, escaping but suffering extremely heavy losses in the process, most notably a Union-class DropShip with all hands and a JumpShip whose KF drive burned out after a desperate quick-charge.[4] [6]

After their eventual return, Barton and the McCarron's Armored Cavalry were hailed as heroes by the Capellan media, boosting the morale of the Capellan military at the cost of the AFFS's Case JULIET counter-invasion.[4]

In 3044, Barton learned that Davion forces were upgrading the Capellan border defenses, including in Marlette. Fort Borgogne had been rebuilt and heavily fortified, and most important, Marlette's commander was General Lester J. Otto, the old enemy of Barton's father. His presence was an invitation, and Barton cannot refuse it: Archie McCarron send two regiments to struck Fort Bourgogne, including Barton's. The battle was brutal, but even the better defenses could not stop "Fort Buster" Barton and his unit. Despite the losses, within hours of landing they crossed Stannic Bridge, breached the so-called "Ring of Death" and invaded the fort. Otto was forced to accept the challenge of Barton, and despite his powerful 'Mech, a Devastator, was defeated by Barton. When Otto attempted to kill him, Barton was forced to shoot the general, finally avenging his father.[7]


As his history proves, Marcus, and his regiment's specialty, appears to be the frontal assault on fortified positions.


Barton's aggressive, non-nonsense style spread though his regiment, and Marcus is proud of the reputation his unit has earned because of it. Despite the rough beginning, Archibald McCarron approves Barton's leadership, even though the repair bills still make him shudder.[8] Before Fort Bourgogne assault, a restless Barton was always looking for targets. His style and aggressiveness make him impatient with small raids, forcing him to look for bigger targets. His Liao masters don't like to have to answer huge, unauthorized raids on other Houses, but Barton cares nothing for politics. His loyalty to Liao was only an employee, nothing more Marcus hate for House Davion, and specifically, for general Otto, was legendary, but it must be noted his revenge didn't dominate him; he managed to avoid destroying (totally) his unit in his brutal assaults, and after finally defeat Otto, initially left him alive. It appears than only killed him when the general attempted to shoot him in the back.


In his attack at Ohrensen, Barton piloted a Warhammer, but during the assault on Fort Bourgogne, piloted a Awesome-8Q.[9]


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