Marcus Baxter

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Marcus Baxter
Marcus Baxter
Character Profile
Born 2987
Affiliation House Baxter
Rank Colonel[1]
Title(s) Mandrinn of Menke
Mandrinn of Mitchel
Lord of the Realm[2][1]
Profession MechWarrior
Children Rhamses McCarron (adopted)
Faith McCarron (adopted)

Lord Marcus Baxter, served as an officer in the McCarron's Armored Cavalry and took over leaderhsip of the unit in 3050. It was under his guidance that the unit formally took up service as a House unit with their longtime employer, the Capellan Confederation.[3]

He should not be confused with "Fort Buster" Marcus Barton, who served a regimental commander of the Second McCarron's Armored Cavalry (aka Barton's Regiment) in McCarron's Armored Cavalry since 3015.


Marcus Baxter has served with McCarron's Armored Cavalry since at least 3026,[4] and even served as the unit's interim commander while Archibald McCarron took a leave of absence from commanding McCarron's Armored Cavalry after the Fourth Succession War to handle recruitment and deal with their supply issues.

Having rebuilt the unit, McCarron was able to raise a sixth active regiment in 3037 which was put under Marcus Baxter's command as Baxter's Brawlers.

In 3044, Baxter was in command of the Sixth McCarron's Armored Cavalry who were selected to lead a probing assault against House Davion's newly rebuilt Fort Bourgogne on Marlette. When House Liao intelligence confirmed that the commander of Marlette forces was Lester J. Otto, the ancient and sworn enemy of Second McCarron's Armored Cavalry and their commander, Colonel Marcus Barton, he immediately attached his regiment to "offer tactical and field advice." In reality he wished to seek revenge. Baxter landed his Sixth Regiment on a portion of Marlette that contained the Stavel Space Port, which was the shipping and receiving area for most of the Crucis March's forces. This forced General Otto to split his forces because he had to defend the spaceport, but was well aware that Barton was coming for him. There was no split in the MAC forces, as Baxter spearheaded the 6th's attack into Stavel, forcing Otto to commit more forces to hold him off. That opened the door for Barton to commence his attack on Fort Bourgogne. After four days of heavy fighting, Baxter and the Sixth had broken through Stavel's defenses and moved to seize the spaceport and the massive stockpiles of new tech equipment for the entirety of Crucis March Militia forces in the sector. Baxter would also back up Barton's attack on Fort Bourgogne, which ended with a complete victory for the Big Mac and House Liao.[5]

Baxter was groomed to be Archibald McCarron's successor by 3050,[6] but this came to pass sooner than expected: Archibald McCarron died during a training accident in the same year. The close-knit group elected Marcus Baxter to take command of the mercenary brigade. He later married Archibald's widow and adopted his two children, Rhamses and Faith McCarron, who would eventually take command of the unit.[7]


In August 3060 with the beginning of the Xin Sheng movement, Baxter accepted the offer of Sun-Tzu Liao for McCarron's Armored Cavalry to formally become part of the CCAF. By accepting the offer, he secured the Barduc title of Lord of the Realm for himself and citizenship in the Capellan Confederation for every member of his unit.[2]

By 3076, Baxter was the Mandrinn of Menke and Mitchel and, despite being eighty-nine years old, remained in command of the unit.[3]


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