Marcus Kurita

Marcus Kurita
Born (see text)
Died 24 May 3034[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Profession Warlord of Rasalhague
Warlord of Pesht
Parents Undell Kurita (father)[2][3]
Siblings Akiro Kurita[2]
Elija Kurita[2]
Children Constance Kurita[2][1]
Alexander Kurita[2]
Donal Kurita[2][4]

Born on Kagoshima,[5] Marcus Kurita was the son of Undell Kurita, and thus nephew of ruling Coordinator Hohiro Kurita I (and later cousin to Hohiro's successor, Takashi Kurita).

The name of his mother is unknown. Some sources name his aunt Florimel Kurita,[6] his father's sister, as his mother but this is presumably in error.

Similarly, there is conflicting information about the year of his birth: The House Kurita tree in the back of the House Kurita (The Draconis Combine) sourcebook states his year of birth as 2965,[2] while a more recent source[7] describes him as 58 years old in 3034, suggesting a birth year of 2976. Newer sources are usually considered to trump earlier sources, but the fact remains that Marcus's daughter Constance Kurita was born in 2990.


Driven by a desire to become Coordinator, Marcus Kurita spun many intrigues and enacted many schemes, culminating in his role in the Ronin Wars.

Startreader plot[edit]

In 3019, a group of conspirators including the District Governor, Jarl Ottar Sjovold, tried to kill Coordinator Takashi Kurita on the eve of his son Theodore Kurita's wedding to Anastasi Sjovold, by sabotaging the DropShip Startreader so that it would crash into the military command center of the starport on Rasalhague and kill all aboard as well as all attendants. Marcus seemed to be in on the plot and apparently double-crossed the conspirators by sending messages calling Theodore Kurita and co-conspirator Duke Hassid Ricol to the command center shortly before the crash; this in turn forced Ottar Sjovold to take action to rescue his future son-in-law and Coordinator, thereby revealing his complicity in the plot.

Ultimately, the attempt failed. Takashi Kurita survived and subsequently publicly announced that all conspirators would be put to death along with their offspring and parents. Although Marcus Kurita was strongly suspected of having played a role, no actual proof could be found. Instead of indicting Marcus, Takashi Kurita promoted him to Chief of Strategies for the DCMS, removing him from his position as Warlord of the Rasalhague Military District and recalling him to Luthien where the Coordinator could keep him at a very short leash.[8] This was due to Marcus' popularity with the troops and people of the district being seen as a threat to Takashi's rule.[9]

He was eventually installed as commander of the Otomo[5] and later made Warlord of the Pesht Military District in the (false) belief he had tired of court games.

When the Free Rasalhague Republic was formed in 3034, Marcus Kurita immediately became one of the rogue leaders who would be labelled Ronin. He was found and arrested on Rasalhague when he was supposed to be on Pesht. Eventually, Theodore Kurita ordered his death. Marcus Kurita was killed in his HQ on Predlitz on 24 May 3034 by Ninyu Kerai on Theodore Kurita's orders, though false evidence left behind by Kerai led to the public perception that a Lyran Commonwealth agent had killed Marcus Kurita.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Likely Richard Sorenson
Warlord of the Rasalhague Military District

Succeeded by
Ivan Sorenson
Preceded by
Kester Hsiun Chi
Warlord of the Pesht Military District

Succeeded by


It is likely that Marcus replaced Richard Sorenson as Warlord of Rasalhague in 3007 but this has not been confirmed.[10]


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