Marcus Davidson

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Marcus (O'Reilly?)
Born 3049[1]
Affiliation House O'Reilly
Parents Sean O'Reilly (father)[1]
Aurelia Davidson (mother)[1]
Siblings Julius O'Reilly (half-brother)
Trajan O'Reilly (half-brother)[1]

Marcus was an illegitimate son of Sean O'Reilly, ruler of the Marian Hegemony.[1] His mother was Aurelia Davidson.

He was born in 3049. Mother and son were subsequently installed in a sumptuously furnished wing of the Imperial Palace on Alphard, alongside at least two other mothers of the Imperator's other children.[1]


Only Marcus's first name is known. Since he was an illegitimate son born to one of Imperator O'Reilly's mistresses, it is uncertain if he really bore the O'Reilly surname.


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