Marcus Tullius Livinus

Marcus Tullius Livinus
Character Profile
Affiliation House Livinus
Title(s) Senator
Profession Noble

Marcus Tullius Livinus was, as of 3075, a Senator of the Marian Hegemony.[1]


On 19 March 3075, Marcus was on Blantleff, then under attack by the Circinus Federation and the Word of Blake. Trying to force his way into a discussion about the ongoing evacuation with a legatus, Marcus found himself almost killed by a self-destructing Blakist cyborg. The explosion took the lives of Legatus Ramirez and a Marian soldier, Lucian Bohan, but Marcus was saved by a mercenary who had recently been working for the Federation, Cabot Dayne. Marcus soon offered Cabot and his mercenaries new work, and helped them evacuate.[1]


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