Margaret Doons

Margaret Doons.PNG
Margaret Doons
Character Profile
Affiliation House Doons
Title(s) Duchess[1]
Position CEO of Nashan Diversified[1]
Profession Businesswoman

Margaret Doons was a Lyran Commonwealth noblewoman, MechWarrior[2] and CEO of Nashan Diversified from 3021 until at least 3076.[3][4]


Considered by Bertram Habeas to be among the five most powerful people in the Lyran Alliance,[5] Duchess Margaret Doons ran the Lyran megaconglomerate Nashan Diversified as CEO for over 40 years. Doons was still young when she inherited her position from her father, having recently mustered out of the LCAF. While many observers expected her to be easily outmaneuvered by members of the company board, Doons' intelligence and business acumen allowed her to not only hold her position, but disband the board of directors in 3024 and run the company herself. During her early years, Doons expanded Nashan into the realm of military hardware, forming N&D Targeting Computers and N&D Shipyards as joint ventures with Defiance Industries.[6]

The creation of the Federated Commonwealth was a boon to Doons and Nashan, allowing the company to form four new divisions of their company as well as expanding into new markets. As the most powerful business leader in the whole Federated Commonwealth, Doons had wealth and power that were matched only by the most prestigious noble families.[2]

Doons steered Nashan through the tumultuous years to come, as the Clan Invasion and FedCom Civil War. Doons still held unilateral control of her company in the Jihad, using her business acumen to move resources and cash to where they were needed most in the conglomerate, and NasDiv's stock price actually increased as a result.[4]


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