Marge Sippers

Marge Sippers
Character Profile
Born 3007
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Rank Tai-i
Profession MechWarrior

Tai-i Marge Sippers was a Draconis Combine MechWarrior and lifelong disciple of controversial tactician Mercer Ravannion.[1][2][3]


Sippers was a young sixteen-year-old MechWarrior in 3023 serving under Captain Mercer Ravannion, the infamous proponent of the controversial "Charge of the Horde" tactic of using large numbers of light 'Mechs to overwhelm heavier forces. She was a true believer in Ravannion's ideas, an attachment some attributed to a schoolgirl crush.

Despite her linkage with the disgraced Ravannion, she proved to be skilled MechWarrior and tactician, and after his death rose to the rank of Tai-i. During this time she won a number of surprising victories using a modified form of the "Charge of the Horde" tactic, exchanging heavier Jenners for the lighter Wasps and Stingers preferred by Ravannion.[1]

These included a raid on Kelenfold in 3042, where she attacked a Kelenfold TMM supply depot using her version of the "Charge of the Horde". Attacking at night with her highly mobile company, she managed to isolate a Lyran Commonwealth assault lance defending the depot. While successful in destroying the depot and two enemy assault 'Mechs, she lost half her company in exchange, earning her a reprimand and generating further derision of horde tactics.[3]

Her devotion to Ravannion continued after her retirement, when she founded a small museum to his memory, covering both his personal and professional accomplishments.[2]


Sippers was known to pilot a Stinger BattleMech.[1]


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