Marian Arms Incorporated

Marian Arms Incorporated
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Corporation Profile
AffiliationMarian Hegemony
(Alphard IV)[1][2]
Manufacturing Plant(s)Horatius

Marian Arms, Incorporated was the largest armaments manufacturer within the Marian Hegemony's borders.[1]


Many key members of the Marian Senate had ties to Marian Arms.[1]

When the Taurians cut off relations, Caesar Julius O'Reilly contacted the Word of Blake in hope that they could supply them with the components they needed to continue production of the Gladius hovertank. The Word of Blake supplied all that and more, allowing Marian Arms to refit secondhand Whitworths and JagerMechs and the capability of constructing full-blown light BattleMechs. While an incredible achievement in such a short span of time, Marian Arms was still heavily dependent on WoB technical assistance and the importation of key components from Terra, a situation the Blakists used to their fullest advantage. Perhaps most surprising, Marian Arms was refitting their own Marauder II variant around a stolen chassis. While incapable of actually manufacturing the required components, they were strung along by assurances that the WoB would assist them in being able to begin production.[citation needed]

In 3066, the new Protector of the Taurian Concordat, Grover Shraplen, lifted the ban on importing the Pontiac 50 Autocannon/10 used in the Gladius. This brought in some much-needed currency, and Marian Arms was looking into the possibility of exporting arms to the Magistracy of Canopus.[1][3]

Marian Arms partnered with the Alphard Trading Corporation, and in 3080 the two companies finished their first production line: a "primitive" version of the venerable Centurion BattleMech.[4] It was speculated that Marian Arms would use the experience gathered from creating this line to expand the Hegemony's industrial base.[citation needed]

During the brief détente between the Word of Blake and the Marian Hegemony during the reign of Julius O'Reilly, the Word had initiated a program to upgrade the Marian Arms facility on Horatius, a program that remained unfinished after Caesar Julius turned on the Blakists. The expanded facilities would remain incomplete and dormant until the aftermath of the Jihad, when a former employee of one of the companies on Irian, Doctor Dafyyd Rou, arrived in the Marian Hegemony, fleeing both the Blakists and his former employers. The new Caesar, Cassius O'Reilly, provided Dr. Rou with staggering amounts of funding and the best technicians in the Hegemony, along with instructions to complete the battle armor facility on Horatius and produce a new form of battle armor for both the Hegemony and for sale across the Inner Sphere. Dr. Rou was ultimately successful, allowing the Hegemony to debut the Ravager battlesuit in 3084, and by 3085 the Ravager had become the suit most in demand on the open markets of the Inner Sphere. The development work had threatened to bankrupt the Hegemony, but instead resulted in profits pouring back into the Marian Arms facility and Marian research and development.[5]

The multibarrel recoilless rifle on the Ravager had led to unconfirmed speculation that Dr. Rou and Marian Arms were trying to develop rotary-fire weapons, perhaps akin to the Rotary Autocannon.[5]


Marian Arms Incorporated has manufacturing centers on the following planet:


Components produced on Alphard:[1][2]
Component Type
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Marian Arms Standard Locust, Commando, Marauder II, APC, Maultier, J. Edgar and Gladius
LCT-1V2 Locust Light BattleMech
COM-4H Commando Light BattleMech
CN9-H Centurion[4] Medium BattleMech (Primitive)
CN9-H2 Centurion[6] Medium IndustrialMech
Gladiator[2] Medium BattleMech
Icarus[2] Medium BattleMech
Emperor[2] Assault BattleMech
MAD-4H Marauder II Assault BattleMech
Combat Vehicles
Tracked APC[1] Tracked Vehicles
Gladius[1][2] Hovercraft
J. Edgar Hovercraft
Maultier[1][2] Hovercraft
Bergan VII Chassis - Locust
Marian CMW Chassis - Commando
Communications System
Garret T10B Locust, Commando, APC, Maultier, J. Edgar, Gladius
Omni 50 ICE Internal combustion engine - Maultier
Omni 60 ICE Internal combustion engine - APC
Omni 145 Internal combustion engine - Gladius
Leenex 145 Fusion engine - J. Edgar
GM 150 Fusion engine - Commando
LTV 160 Fusion engine - Locust
Targeting-Tracking System
O-P 911 Locust, Commando, APC, Maultier, J. Edgar, Gladius
Diverse Optics Type 18 Medium laser - Locust, Commando and J. Edgar
Sperry Browning Machine gun - APC
Harvester 2K SRM-2 - J. Edgar, Maultier
Death Blossom Rocket Launcher-10 - Locust and Marauder II
Death Blossom Rocket Launcher-15 - Commando and Marauder II
Death Blossom Rocket Launcher-20 - Marauder II
Lithobolos Arrow IV Artillery - Testudo[7]


Components produced on Horatius:[8][9]
Component Type
Battle Armor
Marauder battle armor[8] Heavy battle armor
Ravager[9] Assault battle armor - (Since 3084)


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