Marian Hegemony Armed Forces

The Legiones Marianes - Marian Hegemony Armed Forces (abbreviated MHAF), or Marian Legions - is the military arm of the Marian Hegemony.


Like the Hegemony, the military is designed like Terra's Ancient Roman Empire.

The Marian military (as of 3063) consisted of six Legions (plural Legiones, singular Legio in Latin) is commonly used. These which were further subdivided into two or more cohorts. These are further divided into centuries and maniples, which are the most basic unit of the Hegemony military. The Hegemony's forces themselves are very BattleMech-heavy, primarily due to Caesar Sean's deal with the Word of Blake. They also possess a few scattered infantry units. The Hegemony's largest weakness lies in its aerospace fighter wing, as they have a very small force and almost no pilots of notable skill.

Marian tactics calls for Light Centuries to scout & flank the main formation and not engaging the enemy directly. Medium Centuries stay together, taking lead ahead of the Heavy Century.[1]

Military Structure Breakdown[edit]

In 3063 the MHAF was operating using the following force structure:[2]

BattleMech & Vehicle Formations[edit]

  • Contubernium: 1 BattleMech, 1 vehicle, 1 aerospace fighter, 1 10-man conventional infantry squad, 1 5-man battle armor infantry squad[3]
  • Century: 5 BattleMechs or vehicles[2]
  • Maniple: 2 Centuries (10 units)[2]
    • Light Century: (light & medium BattleMechs/vehicles) - speed & scouting
    • Medium Century: (medium & heavy BattleMechs/vehicles) - moderate speed & flanking
    • Heavy Century: (heavy & assault BattleMechs/vehicles) - hitting power
  • Cohort: 3 Maniples (30 units)[2]
  • Legion: 3-5 Cohorts (90 - 150 BattleMechs/vehicles)[2]

Aerospace Formations[edit]

  • Contubernium: 1 fighter
  • Century: 5 fighters
  • Maniple: 10 fighters
  • Cohort: 30 fighters
  • Legion: 90-150 fighters[3]

Structure by Force Level[edit]

  • Contubernium (Squad equivalent): 1 infantry squad (10 troopers), 1 battle armor Squad of 5 troopers, 1 BattleMech, 1 Combat Vehicle or 1 aerospace fighter
- Note: The plural of contubernium is contubernii
  • Century (Lance equivalent): 4-10 infantry squads, 5 battle armor squads, 5 BattleMechs, 5 Combat Vehicles, 5 aerospace fighters
- Note: A Century is usually equivalent to 5 Contubernii, with conventional infantry often being the exception
  • Maniple (Company equivalent): 8-20 infantry squads, 10 battle armor squads, 10 BattleMechs, 10 Combat Vehicles, 10 aerospace fighters
- Note: A Maniple is equivalent to two Centuries
  • Cohort (Battalion equivalent): 24-60 infantry squads, 30 battle armor squads, 30 BattleMechs, 30 Combat Vehicles, 30 aerospace fighters
- Note: A Cohort is equivalent to three Maniples
  • Legion (Regiment equivalent): 72-300 infantry squads, 90-150 battle squads, 90-150 BattleMechs, 90-150 Combat Vehicles, 90-150 aerospace fighters
- Note: a Legion is equivalent to 3-5 Cohorts

Units of the Marian Hegemony Armed Forces[edit]

Active Units[edit]

These units are active as of 3079.[4]

I Legio[edit]

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II Legio[edit]

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III Legio[edit]

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IV Legio[edit]

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V Legio[edit]

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VI Legio[edit]

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Cohors Morituri[edit]

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The Hegemony does differentiate between its enlisted and officer corps, but unlike most other major militaries, that division is usually based on social status rather than actual training or capability. The ranks are:

Rank Insignia Information
Miles None New recruits are given the rank of miles upon enlisting in the Legions. A miles wears no rank insignia; their uniform is their rank insignia.
Miles probatus
Alt=Silver chevron of miles probatus
Miles who serve at least one full year in the Hegemony military and show some leadership qualities are promoted to miles probatus and often given charge over a contubernium or a work crew. A miles probatus wears a single silver chevron as his rank insignia.
Miles gregarius
Miles gregarius rank insignia
Soldiers are promoted to miles gregarius only if they show outstanding leadership qualities and an utmost loyalty to the Hegemony. A miles gregarius wears a pair of silver chevrons, one set inside the other, as his rank insignia.
Legionnaire rank insignia
All patricians that enter the Legions are given the rank of legionnaire, the most basic of officer ranks. Plebians who distinguish themselves enough to earn a battlefield promotion or the attention of a prominent senior officer can be elevated to the rank of legionnaire, as are graduates of the Marian military academies. Legionnaires wear silver triangles as their rank insignia.
Centurion rank insignia
Centurions are the next officer rank and command battlefield centuries. They wear a silver triangle inset with black and silver triangles as their rank insignia.
Principes rank insignia
A principes commands a maniple. They wear a silver triangle inset with a black triangle to show their command status.
Legatus rank insignia
A legatus commands an entire cohort. This position is also one of great political clout, as some legati serve as Senators and have access to the inner halls of power in the Hegemony. In the Marian Navy, a legatus commands a fighter squadron or a JumpShip. A legatus wears a silver triangle inset with a black triangle, surmounted by a silver star to show their rank.

Prefect rank insignia

General rank insignia
Each prefect or general commands an entire Legion, with the exception of the First Marian Legion, which is under the personal command of the Caesar. Because the legions tend to operate at a cohort level of command, the generals do not spend as much time on the field, instead remaining on Alphard. Prefects wear a gold bordered black triangle with an eagle in the center. Generals wear a gold triangle inset with a black triangle with a single gold star in the center.[5]
Imperator rank insignia
The highest-ranking officer within the Hegemony military is the Imperator, a rank reintroduced along with the Caesar's other reforms. The Imperator is the Caesar's right-hand and commands the entirety of the Marian military. He also has nominal command of I Legio, though the senior prefect within the Legion has day-to-day responsibility for the unit. The Imperator wears a gold triangle inset with a black triangle which contains two gold stars as his rank insignia.
Caesar rank insignia
There is only one Caesar, who commands the entire nation. In times of war, he can command the First Legion personally, and take command of the First Cohort of the First Legion. The Caesar's rank insignia is a gold triangle with a black triangle inset, with three gold stars in the center.

Marian Uniforms[edit]

Field Uniform

A collared shirt is worn over a field gray knee-length tunic, clinched upward by a belt. Black trousers with flexible greaves made with ballistic cloth are sewn into the shins to fit with black boots. Military gear is worn over this uniform. A modern design of the cassis helmet from the Roman period is worn.[6]

Dress Uniform

The Marian dress uniform consist of a white shirt and gray trousers. A gray tunic made of ballistic fiber with plating is worn over the shirt and trousers. The left shoulder of the uniform contains a large epaulet shoulder pad, outlined in piping based on the soldier’s status and branch, along with rank.[6]

Enlisted personnel wear darker piping over the right shoulder, while officers wear elbow-length gauntlet/forearm protectors. All ranks wear a leather belt around the waist as well as a baldric draped from the left shoulder down to the right hip, to which the gladius is attached. The color of the epaulet piping depends on the soldier’s branch: silver for MechWarriors, light blue for aerospace pilots, white for armor crews, and red for infantry. Generals wear a bronze breastplate over the tunic and replaces the epaulet with spiked shoulder pads.[6]


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