Marie Davion-St. Claire

Marie Laura Davion-St. Claire
Character Profile
Born 2971[1]
Affiliation House Davion
Title(s) Duchess of New Syrtis
Profession Noble
Parents Andrew Davion (father)[1]
Simone St. Claire (mother)[1]
Siblings Ian Davion (half-brother)[1]
Hanse Davion (half-brother)[1]
Spouse Michael Hasek[1]
Children Morgan Hasek-Davion

Marie Laura Davion-St. Claire was the eldest child of First Prince Andrew Davion. She was the result of an affair with Simone St. Claire and thus specifically excluded from the line of succession in favor of her younger half-brothers Ian and Hanse.[1]


Military Career[edit]

Marie would attend Albion Military Academy but was expelled due to falling test scores.[1]


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