Mark Jade Falcon

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Also known as Mark Harris
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Star Captain
Parents Emerson Harris (father)
Siblings Estelle Harris

Formerly known as Mark Harris, Mark (born 30?? - died 30??) was an Inner Sphere bondsman taken by Clan Jade Falcon during Operation REVIVAL.[1] [2] [3]


Born on the Lyran Commonwealth world of Blackjack, the young Mark Harris would eventually attend the Blackjack School of Conflict as a MechWarrior. Selected as a member of the Blackjack Training Battalion by the time of the Clan Invasion, Cadet Harris was part of the defense against the Falcon Gyrfalcon Galaxy's fourth wave invasion of Blackjack. [1]

Despite the low opinion of the Blackjack school held by many in the LCAF, some considering its graduates almost bandits, the Jade Falcons were suitably impressed by their performance, considering them among the most honorable Inner Sphere opponents they'd encountered. Their regard was such at one of the Gyrfalcon Star Colonel's was to later remark that the Blackjack cadets had passed their Trial of Position to become warriors, claiming a number of them as bondsman and allowing the remainder of the survivors to evacuate. [1]

The most famous of those taken as Bondsman, Cadet Harris earned the Falcon's awe when he launched an impromptu Trial of Possession for his family's home, successfully defeating the opposing OmniMech. By August 3052 the cadet had entered the Warrior Caste and risen to the rank of Star Commander in the Gyrfalcon Galaxy. [1]

As of 3062 Mark had reached the rank of Star Captain, commanding the First Falcon Jaeger's Bravo BattleMech Trinary. This achievement made Mark the highest ranking Inner Sphere adoptee in the Falcons and the third highest ranked of Inner Sphere bondsman among all the Clans, only Ragnar Magnusson and Phelan Kell having risen higher.[2] [3]


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