Markham's Marauders

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Markham's Marauders
Unit Profile (as of 3022)
CO Commander Markham
DropShips Yes

Markham's Marauders were a mercenary unit active during the final decades of the Third Succession War, operating within the rimward Periphery in the region of the Aurigan Reach.

Markham's Marauders form the initial basis of the BattleTech player character's unit, the unit can be re-named after the "Three Years Later" mission.


In 3019 High Lord Tamati Arano II of the Aurigan Coalition hired Markham's Marauders to assist the Royal Guard in eliminating a pirate clan on Fjaldr. Commander Markham initially thought it would be easy money, but the Marauders would lose a dozen MechWarriors during the brutal three-month campaign. The Marauders would have taken far worse losses if it was not for Raju Montgomery, commander of the Royal Guard, who treated the unit as equal partners in the campaign and went out of his way to assist them, rather than treating them as mere cannon fodder like many others would have.

Remaining within the Aurigan Reach, Markham's Marauders were on Coromodir on the fateful coronation day in 3022 when Santiago Espinosa deposed Kamea Arano. Commander Markham was on a supply run in the capital's Market District and was killed when when it was bombed during the coup. Thanks to their history with House Arano, the surviving Marauders opted to flee the new authoritarian Aurigan Directorate, discovering and rescuing an incapacitated MechWarrior trained by Raju Montgomery and the warrior's battered Blackjack before desperately leaving the system.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Markham's Marauders
Commander Markham 3022

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