Martin McAllister

Martin McAllister
Born4 July 2474[1][2]
AffiliationHouse McAllister
Position(s)Coordinator of Worlds
SpouseIlliyana Sorenson
ChildrenSiriwan McAllister

Martin McAllister became the tenth Coordinator of the Draconis Combine after his execution of the entirety of House Von Rohrs.


Early life[edit]

McAllister was born in July 2474 on Echo.[1]


Martin McAllister met, fell in love, and married Illiyana Sorenson when she was 15 years old in October 2494 on Rasalhague. Illiyana's father, Blaine Sorenson, knew the legacy of Martin McAllister (a distant Kurita heir) and agreed to the marriage. Both men would make a bold two-stage plan: first the reunification of the Draconis Combine and the Rasalhague Principality and to overthrow House Von Rohrs. Within two years, Siriwan McAllister was born; Illiyana died a mere three years later (in 2499) in a sports incident.[3]

He discovered his wife death nearly two years after that happened, and was devastated by the news. By 2501, the Von Rohrses gave up on a peaceful resolution with the Principality, and McAllister was transferred back to a military assignment, finding himself posted along the Combine/Rasalhague border where for seven years, he passed information to Lord Sorenson, who used it to better defend the Principality. During those years of service, McAllister rose through the ranks of the DCMS and made powerful friends within the military and the court.[4]

With help from his friends within the Imperial Court, McAllister orchestrated the imprisonment of Yama Von Rohrs in 2508. Krüger Von Rohrs took over shortly.[4]

Blaine started an assault in the Combine and McAllister used the chaotic situation to kill the ruling Coordinator and his entire family in late November 2510 with the direct help of Blaine Sorenson's eldest son Jarod Sorenson, who died during the coup.[4]

Less than ten hours later, McAllister publicly broadcast the coup and the results of a genetic test, taken at the behest of Blaine Sorenson before his marriage to Illiyana. He was, without any doubt, a direct blood descendant of Shiro Kurita. His sequestered daughter Siriwan would be his heir. The Combine was once again under the proper rule of a Kurita.[4]

With the McAllister ruling the Combine, an age of relative peace ensued. Combine commanders began a gradual, subtle campaign of conquest along both borders. Full-scale battles with the Commonwealth and the Federated Suns were infrequent, leaving the borders fairly quiet. Thus did the Age of War come to an end for the Combine.[4]

He died young at, 41 years with no male children.[5] McAllister had informed his daughter that she could not become Coordinator because she was a woman. He recommended she find a distant Kurita to marry so her son could be designated as heir. Her lady-in-waiting researched the Kuritan family tree to find a suitable mate.[6]


It's not the people who are freely called 'bastards' that worry me; it's those few who are that make me very, very nervous. Never trust a genuine bastard. You don't know where he's been.
  — Attributed to Martin McAllister[7]


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