Martinson Armaments

Martinson Armaments
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AffiliationWord of Blake
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Martinson Armaments was a weapons manufacturer with a factory on Terra.[1]


Prior to the Jihad, Martinson Armaments were one of the major suppliers for the Word of Blake.[1] As a part of the Blakist courting of the government of Caph while building up the Word of Blake Protectorate the Word of Blake decontaminated and restored a Martinson Armaments factory on Caph, although it isn't clear what was manufactured from the plant.[2] During Operation SCOUR the Martinson Armaments factory on Terra was seriously damaged by Coalition forces as they assaulted Terra. As of 3079 their long-term viability was unclear.[1]

Intelligence uncovered after the Jihad revealed that another Martinson Armaments factory had been constructed during the late 3070s. Built under orders from Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais of the Word of Blake and kept secret, the Martinson Armaments factory was hidden within an abandoned Star League facility on the island of Quantico on the world of Liberty. From this hidden facility Martinson constructed the Eidolon, a FrankenMech constructed largely from surplus components manufactured for the Celestial series of OmniMechs.[3]

This plant would remain a secret from the forces of the allied coalition during Operation SCOUR, but the Capellan Confederation learned of its existence; both Capellan and coalition forces attempted to liberate Liberty, but the Capellans stole a march over the forces of Free Worlds Task Force II by mounting a lightning campaign to capture Quentin before agreeing a ceasefire. Then, as negotiations went on, the Capellans dismantled the factory, taking the plans for the design and the critical manufacturing equipment present on Liberty, along with a stockpile of parts to enable them to jump-start production. They then reassembled the facility on Capella under the auspices of Ceres Metals Industries and began producing a modified version of the Eidolon under a new name: the Yao Lien.[3]


Martinson Armaments has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


In the late 3060s, the Word of Blake restored the Star League–era plant on Caph to working order. It is unknown what this facility was producing.[2]


Components produced on Liberty:[3]
Component Type
Eidolon[4] Medium BattleMech


The Terran Martinson Armaments plant is in Australia.[5]

Components produced on (Australia) Terra:[4][6][7][8][9]
Component Type
INI-02 Initiate[4] Medium BattleMech
KY2-D-02 Kyudo[9] Medium BattleMech (line destroyed Amaris Coup)
RJN-200-B Raijin II[10] Medium BattleMech (line created by Word of Blake)
RJN-200-C Raijin II[10] Medium BattleMech (line created by Word of Blake)
HOP-4A Hoplite[11] Medium BattleMech (discontinued after Reunification War)
HOP-4B Hoplite[11] Medium BattleMech (destroyed 2767)
LGH-4W Lightray[5] Medium BattleMech
SPT-N2 Spartan[12] Assault BattleMech (line destroyed Amaris Coup)
C-DVA-O Deva[8] OmniMech
C-PRT-O Preta[6] OmniMech
C-GRG-O Grigori[7] OmniMech
Geometric 1000 Endo Steel Initiate[4]
Krupp 200-ES Endo Steel Lightray[5]
Geometric 500 Hard Core Spartan[12]
Chariot Type E Kyudo[9]
Celestial Series DV1E Deva[8]
Celestial Series PR1E Preta[6]
Celestial Series GG1 Grigori[7]
Star League HO-01a Hoplite
Fusion Engine
DAV 220 Hoplite
LTV 160 Initiate[4]
VOX 225 Kyudo[9]
Light Fusion Engine
Inspiration 280 Light Fusion Deva[8]
GM 270 Light Fusion Preta[6]
GM 240 Light Fusion Grigori[7]
Extralight Fusion Engine
LTV 385 XL Lightray[5]
Dantrus 400 XL Spartan[12]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
DuraShield 12-b.1 Hoplite
Strasbourg Armaments Type 3 Initiate[4]
Strasbourg Armaments 206 Diamond Weave Spartan[12]
Durallex Divine Protector Preta[6] & Deva[8]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Strasbourg Armaments Type 4 Ferro-Fibrous Lightray[5]
Armorscale Ferro-Fibrous with CASE Kyudo[9]
Divine Shield-B Light Ferro Grigori[7]
Communications System
Blow 55 Net Initiate[4]
Blow 107 Net (Improved) Lightray[5]
Blow 300 SNA Net Spartan[12]
Dalban Comline Kyudo[9]
Master's Voice-Cel Alpha with C3i Computer Preta,[6] Grigori[7] & Deva[8]
MultiGab 2000 Hoplite
Targeting-Tracking System
Dalban HiRez II Hoplite -4B
Dalban Sniper Hoplite -4A
Master's Sight 1-Omega Preta,[6] Grigori[7] & Deva[8]
Scope 40 RNDST Spartan[12]
Scope 2000 Initiate[4]
Scope 3580 with Targeting Computer Lightray[5]
Standus 3 with Artemis IV FCS Kyudo[9]


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