Masao Igushi

Masao Igushi
Character Profile
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Rank Sho-sho

Masao Igushi was a Sho-sho within the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery during the Reunification War.[1]


Early Life and Career[edit]

Masao Igushi a Sho-sho within the DCMS and was chosen by Coordinator Hehiro Kurita to lead the mixed brigade of BattleMech regiments that formed a mixed Combine Auxiliary Corps to support the Outworlds Alliance Task Force, the SLDF task force assembled to annex the Outworlds Alliance in the late 2570s.[1]

When the Star League invasion began in 2581 under the name Operation UNION HOLD Igushi was responsible for directing the Combine forces in accordance with the plans and strategies devised by the task force commander, General Amos Forlough. The Combine mixed brigade initially consisted of four regiments of Galedon Regulars, augmented with a regiment from each of the Benjamin Regulars and the Dieron Regulars in 2582. Under Igushi's direction the Alliance worlds of Budingen, Kazanka, Nexus Ri, Quantraine, Tabayama, Valentina and Zlatousi were all successfully occupied by Combine troops, while Combine forces were also responsible for assisting the SLDF in campaigns on Sevon.[2]

While the first year of the campaign saw Igushi following the plans laid down by Forlough, in 2582 the Coordinator's frustration with the political and military machinations of First Prince Alexander Davion lead to him withdrawing the supplies contributed to the task force and reallocating them solely for the use of Igushi's brigade, along with demands for Igushi to capture worlds on the Combine border. Whilst this was successful in 2582, it cost the entire task force enough supplies to have lasted a year, as the worlds targeted were heavily defended and won through grinding conventional war.[3][4]

Kurita placed additional demands on Igushi in 2583, leading to Igushi ordering attacks on the Alliance worlds of Milligan's World, Prinis Prime and Quantraine. The supplies available to Igushi's troops couldn't match the levels available in 2582, reducing the DCMS forces to seizing what supplies they could locally, and ultimately making the campaign for the three worlds impossible. Igushi attempted to make the best of a bad situation by reporting the three attacks as completely successful reconnaissance raids that heavily damaged the Outworlds Alliance Militia forces; Hehiro Kurita responded by banishing Igushi to the far reaches of the Combine, replacing him with Sho-sho Rimas Nelsson, although Kurita would fail to make any more support available to Nelson than had been available to Igushi.[5]


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