Mason Dunne

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Mason Dunne
Also known as Sam Donelly
Born 6th June 3101
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Profession Ghost Knight of the Republic

Mason Dunne, (Born June 6th 3101) was a 32nd Century Ghost Knight of The Republic of Sphere. Originally, Victor Steiner-Davion recruited him. Victor engineered his education, and guided him into his role as a Ghost Knight.[1].

His true identity was only known by a very few knights & paladins in the Republic. As a Ghost Knight he changes identities to suit his mission(s). Dunne was publicly known as a researcher in an obscure forestry office in the Interior Secretariat.[2] Knight & Countess Consuela Dagmar was his immediate supervisor as a Ghost Knight and Victor Steiner-Davion acted as his mentor.

He is in a romantic relationship with (then) Knight Lady Janella Lakewood.

Notable Actions[edit]

In August of 3132, Mason was on an undercover mission arriving on the Republic world of Helen as a drifter by the name of Sam Donelly. He became an industrial 'Mech pilot for ARU logging company. He discovered and penetrated a terrorist group known as the GGF (Gaia Guerrilla Front) in November of that year. In course of his actions he encountered a gentleman named Mr. Handy who was the creator and leader of the GGF. He had Mason's cell attack the local authorities supply house in order to acquire more munitions. Before the attack went off, someone betrayed the cell and notified the local authorities of the impending attack. Mason was captured after a Centurion BattleMech destroyed his ConstructionMech.

Lady Lakewood "arrested" him and brought him to Terra for a debriefing on what was going on in the Republic. There he learned about the extent of the unrest the Republic of the Sphere was in. This was due to an unknown group that sabotaged and knocked out the majority of the HPG communication grids down. This resulted in splinter groups being created such as Katana Tormark's Dragon's Fury and power grabbing by CEO Jacob Bannson.

During his time on Terra, he was notified that Mr. Handy, now known as Gypsy, was attempting to recruit him as a MechWarrior pilot on the Republic world of Basalt. It was requested of him to travel there and resume his identity to try and stop whatever it was that Mr. Handy had planned, with as little death and destruction as possible.

On January 3133, he arrived on Basalt and met with Gypsy. He was recruited into Gypsy's mercenary unit that was hired to overthrow the government. Gypsy had gathered a large battalion-sized military force with a mixed group of disfranchised ex-military personnel and mercenaries. Dunne, as Sam, convinced his employer not to go with conventional tactics but to use LIT (Low-Intensity Terrorism) instead. Mason citing that the population would be easier swayed for a new government by showing up the incompetence of the current government than it would be to conquer the planet militarily.

When the current leader's son made a power play to become planetary governor, Dunne realized that was the time to end the insurrection on the planet once and for all.

In March, Mason, with the assistance of Lady Lakewood & Public Safety Officer Niemeyer, baited Germayne to bring his mercenary force to an obscure old prison known as Obsidian Island. The bait was Germayne's rival and enemy who was also trying to become the governor of the planet.

Mason and Lady Lakewood arrived in their BattleMechs to tip the balance of the battle for the Basalt Militia. In the process of the battle, Mason Dunne and Janella Lakewood convinced one group of the mercenaries that it would be in their best interest to join the Knights of the Sphere. The three groups: Basalt Militia, the mercenaries, and the Knights, concentrate fire on Germayne and the rest of his force ultimately ending in his defeat.

In the aftermath of the battle, Mason allowed his persona of "Sam Donelly" to die... only to put in back again in his chase and capture of Cassandra Raines in January 3135.[3]


Mason Dunne piloted a Mad Cat III that he named Ghost, after Victor Steiner-Davion's old 10th Lyran Guard RCT nicknamed the Revenants. Revenants are a type of ghost. He used Ghost in a combat mission to stop an uprising on Basalt in March, 3133.

Mason Dunne's name is mentioned in reporting successful contact with Cassandra Raines in PDA: Lowe's journal for date 3-31-3135 on Wizkids fiction Website.[3]


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