Masood al Bashir

Masood al Bashir
Affiliation DCMS
Ikhwan Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

History & Tactics[edit]

Masood al Bashir served as a legionnaire within the Arkab Legion from the DCMS as a MechWarrior.

He survived the failed raid to Ruchbah, and was one of the pilots to enter in the Arenas as a Gladiator.

Though a a legionnaire he was a middling warrior, as a duelist he shinned. He has the best record of the Stables and is discontented because he feels he is not getting the resources he needs.

Gossip says he may stay if the Stable is able to escape Westerhand.[1]


He pilots a Dragon.[1]

Character Traits[edit]


He is an Elite MechWarrior.


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