Mauser IIC Infantry Assault System

Mauser IIC Infantry Assault System


The Mauser IIC Infantry Assault System is a derivative of the Mauser 960 Assault System created by the Clans. Unlike in the Inner Sphere, where the Mauser 960 became extinct outside ComStar stockpiles, the Clans maintained a sizable supply and were able to restart a limited production of it following their settlement of the Kerensky Cluster. The original weapon remained in production until just after the start of the thirty-first century, when Clan technicians introduced the improved Mauser IIC. This Extended Range Laser weapon maintains the extensive survival kit of the original along with the detachable Vibroblade and six-shot Compact Grenade Launcher. However, it's also heavier and more cumbersome than the already-massive Mauser 960, and even with an integral shoulder strap, the Mauser IIC is difficult to wield. The Mauser IIC sees the most widespread use among Clans which still maintain elite unarmored infantry forces.[1]



Item: Mauser IIC IAS
Equipment Rating: F/X-F-E/F
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4E/5
Range: 90/300/700/1400 meters
Power Points per Shot: 5
Cost/Reload: 18000/-
Affiliation: Clan
Mass/Reload: 12kg/-
Notes: Encumbering; Includes detachable Vibroblade and Grenade Launcher



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