Maxell Metals Incorporated

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Maxell Metals Incorporated
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: (Chukchi III)
Products: BattleMechs
Parent Corporation Maxell Corporation


The Lyran branch of the Maxell Corporation, Maxell Metals Incorporated provides lasers for military and civilian applications. Maxell Metals Inc. recently found massive titanium deposits on Chukchi, and established over two dozen mining concerns to exploit them. Though many Chukchians are in favor of expanding their economy with the jobs that these mines provide, a dedicated group of demonstrators advocate the closure of these mines. They claim the mines are destroying the local ecosphere, killing native fauna, and attracting an "undesirable element" to the world. The tension between these two groups has boiled over into violence several times, but the Maxell factories remain unaffected.[1]

During the Jihad Maxell Metals Incorporated formed a joint venture with N&D WorkMechs to produce Primitive Technology BattleMechs. Unlike many manufacturers who developed these 'Mechs, Maxell's plant remained open after the Jihad ended.[2]


In 3067 the company's CEO is Alfonse Maxell.[1]


Maxell Metals Incorporated has a manufacturing center on the following planet:

Chukchi III[edit]

Components produced on Chukchi III:[3]
Component Type
COM-1A Commando (Primitive)[2] Light BattleMech
KY-2-D-01 Kyudo (Primitive)[2] Medium BattleMech
BKX-1X BattleAxe (Primitive)[2] Heavy BattleMech
Medium Laser
Maxell Sabre, Centurion, Eagle and Thunderbird[3]
Medium Laser
Maxell DT Rampage[3]
ER Large Laser
Maxell Lucifer[3]
Small Pulse Laser
Maxell Lucifer, Chippewa[3]
Medium Pulse Laser
Maxell Lucifer, Chippewa[3]
Large Pulse Laser
Maxell Chippewa[3]


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