Maxim Mk II

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Maxim Mk II
Production information
Manufacturer Cyclops Incorporated [1]

Scarborough Manufacturers[1]

Production Year 3083[2]
Mission Infantry Transport
Type Hover
Cost 2,030,000 C-bills[2]
Technical specifications
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Mass 50 tons[1]
Armor ArcShield Heavy Ferro-Fibrous with CASE[1]
Engine Powertech 165 Highlifter fusion engine[1]
Speed 129.6 km/h
Crew 3
Communications System Cyclops Surelink[1]
Targeting Tracking System Scarborough Tracky 3[1]
Heat Sinks 10 single

2x MML-3

BV (2.0) 476[1][2]


The Maxim Mark II transport is produced by Cyclops Inc. of Skye and Scarborough Manufacturers. The vehicle was intended as an upgrade from the original Maxim hover transport. Though Cyclops wanted to build on the long history of the original Maxim and continue to use heavy weapons, Scarborough’s engineers pointed out that by carrying fewer weapons the crew would naturally withdraw from the battlefield before getting into overly dangerous situations. This would keep the Maxim Mk. II in service for a longer time, allowing the Republic Armed Forces to spend more money on battle armor and other equipment.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Maxim Mk. II uses a sixteen-ton infantry bay to transport a full platoon of battle armor infantry. This can be converted to carry a full company of conventional infantry.[1]

To support the infantry, the Maxim Mk. II uses twin turret-mounted MML-3 launchers. Though these missile launchers aren't powerful by themselves, the two ton ammunition bay allows the Maxim to carry standard LRM or SRM loads as well as special munitions like the Thunder LRM. To protect both the crew and the many infantrymen inside, the Maxim Mk. II uses CASE to protect the missile ammunition.[1]


  • Infantry Support 
    Developed by Cyclops Inc. in 3084[3], this version can be found in the Lyran Commonwealth. Reducing the infantry bay by 50% allowed engineers to install a pair of Light PPCs and Machine Guns in the enlarged turret. This allows the "Shiloh" (a nickname from the troops it supports) to provide heavier fire support against armored targets and conventional infantry.[1] BV (2.0) = 828[4][3]
  • Maxim Mk II ECM 
    This version developed in 3087[5] of the Maxim carries a single Streak SRM-2 in the turret with two tons of ammunition available. It keeps the sixteen ton infantry bay of the original version, and mounts a Guardian ECM Suite to provide electronic warfare support. BV (2.0) = 483[6][5]

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