Maxwell Rowe

Maxwell Achilles Rowe
AffiliationHouse Rowe
Title(s)First Consul
ParentsHector Rowe (father)
ChildrenArabella Rowe[1]

Maxwell Achilles Rowe was second ruler of the Rim Worlds Republic in the twenty-fourth century.


The third son of the Republic's founder Hector Rowe, in 2305 Maxwell turned his father's classical interests against him, by ordering a vote of no-confidence against the aging First Consul. Generous bribes of slaves and precious metals led to the success of the vote and after Hector's suicide, Maxwell immediately installed himself as the second First Consul.[2]

Maxwell pursued a cautious policy towards neighboring worlds, many settled by refugees from the expanding Lyran Commonwealth and Draconis Combine. Using trade and technological aid as his tools, as well as the foundation of a university in 2334, Maxwell added several worlds to the Republic and established new colonies further out.[3]

In 2338, three Republican JumpShips strayed into Tamar Pact space and were mistaken by the defenders for Kuritan raiders. Realizing that the Republic's anonymity would soon be ended, Maxwell took the initiative to meet with Kevin Tamar the following year and each man found the other to be surprisingly cultured and civilized. They parted with an agreement of neutrality.[1][4]

However, in Maxwell's absence, his daughter Arabella had engineered a revolution, enfranchising the Republic's labor class and proclaiming herself to be First Consul. Maxwell learned of this while returning home and faced with certain death, instead fled into unexplored territory. He and his supporters were never seen again.[5]


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