McAffe 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-181.188 : -45.284[e]
Recharge time173 hours[1]

System Description[edit]

McAffe is located near the Sheridan and Togwotee systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]



Planetary History[edit]

Third Succession War[edit]

In 3020, the Free Worlds League attempted to set a trap for the mercenary unit Snord's Irregulars, in retaliation for the number of successful raids and campaigns against the League that the Irregulars had either performed or supported. The League plan involved redeploying the Third Battalion of the Second Free Worlds Guards to McAffe and spreading rumors that a number of priceless artworks, including a number captured from the Irregulars' museum on Clinton in 3017, were being held in a facility on the Kincaid Peninsula on McAffe. The intent was to lure Cranston Snord into bringing the Irregulars to McAffe to retrieve the artworks, at which point the Third Battalion, commanded by Force Commander Simon Beckner, would ambush and destroy the Irregulars.[13]

Snord took the bait, but managed to outfox the ambushers; using one of the rakshasa storms common to McAffe as cover, Snord had his 'Mechs enter the ocean at Marggraf's Harbor and then walk across the ocean floor to the Kincaid Peninsula before jumping from the seaward shelf into the rear area of the Third Battalion. They quickly destroyed a lance of Free Worlds Guards 'Mechs, causing the other lances to withdraw, before securing the artworks and leaving McAffe—and leaving the destroyed 'Mechs behind for the Free Worlds Guards to salvage. Snord went so far as to send a taunting message to Captain-General Janos Marik about the Irregulars successful retrieval of the artifacts—including a toy dog that had belonged to Elvis Presley—on returning to the Irregulars base on Clinton. Force Commander Beckner was reduced in rank to captain and recalled to Atreus for a board of inquiry for his failure.[13]

The Jihad[edit]

The planet McAffe was one of the targets of the Skye and Bolan Province invasion of the Free Worlds League in 3068. The invasion by the combined forces of the two Provinces, named Operation ÜBERSCHATTEN, saw McAffe occupied along with the worlds of Preston and Rexburg by 20 May 3068. The Lyrans would only hold McAffe for a few weeks; when Marshall Jeremy Brett assumed control of the local FWLM forces and launched Operation BROKEN FIST, the Free Worlds League counterattack against the invading Lyran forces, McAffe was one of his first targets, and the FWLM recaptured the world on the 2nd of July.[10]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Fifth Free Worlds Guards[14]




  • Ninth Regulan Hussars[16]


  • Ninth Regulan Hussars[17]


  • Ninth Regulan Hussars[18]


  • Ninth Regulan Hussars[9]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 44 systems (42 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Sheridan 11.9 Togwotee 15.7 Bondurant 18.3 Ford 18.7
Gannett 21.9 Nestor 22.1 Sterling 27.6 Pingree 28.3
Megrez 30.2 Rexburg 30.6 Gienah 32.4 Giausar 32.7
Danais 33.5 Gallatin 35.6 Launam 35.7 Thermopolis 36.6
Arcadia 37.6 Concord 38.7 Szombathely 38.8 Cascade 42.0
Autumn Wind 44.3 Tania Australis 44.9 Zortman 45.0 Pressby 45.7
Helm 49.3 Loric 49.6 Preston 49.9 Jardine 50.0
Kolobrzeg 50.9 Pardeau 51.0 Hyde 51.4 Colfax 51.9
Uhuru 53.4 Szepes 54.1 Amity 54.2 Bainsville 55.0
Flychenia 55.6 Ideyld 56.0 Rasalas 57.3 Gniezno 58.5
Aigle 59.6 Senftenberg 60.0 Dar-es-Salaam 60.2 Stewart 62.4


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