McCarron's Armored Cavalry (scenario pack)

This article is about the scenario pack. For the mercenary unit, see McCarron's Armored Cavalry.
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McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Product information
Type Scenario pack
Development Mike Nystul
Primary writing Mark Bloom
Hugh Browne
Adam Gratun
Eric Hart
Evan Jamieson
Patrick McCormack
William Scammell
Pages 64
Cover artwork Steve Venters (Art)
Mike Nielsen (Design)
Illustrations Mike Nielsen
Dana Knutson
Earl Geier
L. A. Williams
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1669
First published 1992
ISBN-10 1555601820
ISBN-13 978-1555601829
MSRP 8.00 US $
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 3044


McCarron's Armored Cavalry has a somewhat misleading title. Arguably the last of the "classic" scenario packs, it does not present the usual company-sized unit and its exploits throughout time through single scenarios like its predecessors; instead, it provides a brief overview of the eponymous 5-regiment mercenary unit and then concentrates on one sub-unit, Barton's Regiment, and a particular campaign they fought in 3044.
(Unlike earlier scenario packs, the scenario packs published after this one were based on known units and events from BattleTech novels instead of exploring new units.)

From the back cover[edit]

Colonel Marcus Barton commands the Second Regiment of McCarron's Armored Cavalry, also known as Barton's Regiment, and he is a man obsessed. He has waited forty years to avenge his father's dishonor at the hands of Lester J. Otto. He blew his first chance, but he swears he will not make another mistake. He knows he has a second chance on Marlette, and Marcus Barton will have his revenge this time or die trying. And either way he plans to take his regiment with him...

McCarron's Armored Cavalry is a BattleTech scenario pack which includes the unit's history, prominent members, and special equipment. The scenarios chronicle the campaign known as "Otto's Last Stand," and can be used individually or as a campaign culminating in one of three different endings. "Otto's Last Stand" features deadly installations and a point-based system for customizing the defending forces, so that scenarios can be fought more than once and never be the same game twice.


  • Introduction
    • How to Use the Scenarios
    • Running a Campaign
  • Table of Organization
  • Scenarios
  • Field Scenarios
    • The Killian Hills
    • Out of the Frying Pan
    • Danton's Pond
    • The Big Chance
    • Plains of Marlette
  • Bridge Scenarios
    • Bridge of Death
  • Ring Scenarios
    • Punishment
    • Welcome to Missile Hell
    • Death Gulch
    • Artillery Targets
  • Wall Scenarios
    • Backs to the Wall
    • Another Kick in the Wall
  • Endgame Scenarios
    • Otto's Last Stand
    • Showdown
    • Barton's Folly