McCrimmon's Light Cavalry

McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
Formed 2933
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Capellan Confederation Armed Forces


Formation and the Third Succession War[edit]

The Cavalry was formed in 2933, from the volunteers from the worlds of Ningpo and Kansu. The unit based through its career serving on the Tikonov's borders.

In its first battle in 2934, the unit fought elements of the Syrtis Fusiliers pushing hard against newly formed MacGregor's Armored Scouts on Elbar[1] Late that year the unit's attached mercenary units was dispatched to Hsien to help again sister unit, MacGregor's Armored Scouts, to repulse House Marik's assault. Its Mercenary forces were successfully in linking up with the beleaguered Scouts and repulsed Atrean Dragoons from the planet.[2]

The Cavalry saw action on Deneb Kaitos, repulsing Davion forces raiding the planet in 2942. The harsh but successful engagement cost the unit five Vindicator BattleMechs in cost of the fight.

In 2960, the Cavalry saw its greatest loss yet. The Cavalry's Third Battalion was isolated on world of Hoan when elements of the Davion Guards attacked forced the entire battalion to surrender.[3]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In the Fourth Succession War the First Battalion was destroyed in the failed defense of Ningpo. The Second Battalion lost 2 companies in the failed defense of Slocum and the last company surrendered on Basalt where it took part in Operation Riposte. The Third Battalion was destroyed in the failed defense of Pleione against the both regiments of the Screaming Eagles.[4]


In 3033 McCrimmon's Light Cavalry had scraped together a battalion of troops. They were based on Kujari along with Steele's Eagles, Rivaldi's Hussars, and St. Cyr's Armored Grenadiers. They faced the Black Widow Battalion on the world, and lost every encounter despite having numerical superiority.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
Colonel Chester McCrimmon 3025[citation needed]



Composition History[edit]


McCrimmon's Light Cavalry (3 'Mech Battalions plus support) (Regular/Reliable)[6]

Regimental Battle Group[7]
Support Battalion
  • Battalion HQ (One Armor Lance)
  • Recon Company (One Armor Company)
  • Security Company (Nive Jump Infantry platoons)
  • Armor Company (One Armor Company)
First Battalion
CO: Major Georgette Girondas[8]
  • Battalion HQ (One 'Mech Lance)
  • Alpha Company (One 'Mech Company)
  • Bravo Company (One 'Mech Company)
  • Charlie Company (One 'Mech Company)
Second Battalion
CO: Major Mary June Masters[8]
  • Battalion HQ (One 'Mech Lance)
  • Alpha Company (One 'Mech Company)
  • Bravo Company (One 'Mech Company)
  • Charlie Company (One 'Mech Company)
Third Battalion
  • Battalion HQ (One 'Mech Lance)
  • First Company (One 'Mech Company)
  • Second Company (One 'Mech Company)
  • Third Company (One 'Mech Company)
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on the following planets: Ningpo, Slocum and Pleione.[6] Primary BattleMech unit. Consisting of primary Centurion & Ostscout BattleMechs.[9]


The Cavalry's profile is split between article in Limits of Success, Its own unit profile with a related independent unit, the MacGregory's Armored Scouts. The profiles of both units have it interacting together in same year. In actual History found in early part of the House Liao sourcebook, has them on different planet in same year assisting Armored Scouts. However, Limits of Success article includes mention that mercenary units attached to McCrimmon's force were dispatched to help the Armored Scouts later on Hisen. Since none the article state the time of year these events occurred, it allows for them occurring the same year.


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