McFadden's Sky Storm

McFaddens Sky Riders logo TPArcturus.jpg
McFadden's Sky Storm
Formed 3076
Previous Designation(s) McFadden's Sky Riders
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command None (actual)
Hell's Black Aces (previoulsy)

McFadden's Sky Riders remained behind to form a new mercenary unit when their parent formation, Hell's Black Aces, was adopted into the Capellan Confederation in 3076.


Around 3070, following the climactic battle of Liao, the McFadden's Skyriders {sic} squadron within the Hell's Black Aces was reorganized as a detached squadron that hired out independently, while still flying under the Hell's Black Aces colors.[1]

As it so happened, this detached squadron included all those pilots who questioned the Aces' ever closer ties to House Liao at the time; the Aces considered joining the Capellan Confederation proper after their contract would expire in 3075;[1] this came to pass in 3076.[2] McFadden's Sky Riders under Colleen McFadden thus became an independent mercenary unit specializing in aerospace combat.[3]

Up until ca. 3073 most of their contracts had been either for the CCAF or for local militias in operations in and around the Word of Blake Protectorate region.[1]

Still considered a detached part of Hell's Black Aces, they were hired by Chandrasekhar Kurita for Operation Higashikuni/Operation ANGEL REQUIEM, the assault on the Word of Blake's secret Ruins of Gabriel shipyard complex in the Odessa system. Gathering on Arcturus, the forces of the mercenary coalition came under attack from the Word of Blake in May 3073, and McFadden's Sky Riders provided vital support that allowed the mercenaries to halt the invaders (albeit being pushed to the brink of destruction themselves in the process).[4] They took part in the ill-fated subsequent first attack on Gabriel.[1]

As of 3079 the unit was mentioned as one of two units (the other being Summer's Storm) under long-term contract to corporate interests in the Draconis Combine such as DropShip and JumpShip yards and repair facilities, with clauses in their contract to put them under DCMS command if the need should arise.[5]

As of 3085 they were tasked primarily with guarding spaceborne factories in the Oshika Prefecture including the Hun Ho, Togura, Agematsu, and Midway systems, and also serve as trainers and instructors at the Aerospace and Interstellar Institute at Midway.[6]

Dark Age[edit]

Operating as an independent force, and still under Draconis Combine contract, they were one of the forces involved in Operation MANDRAGORA. The units acts were key during what was called the Palmyra Disaster. During that battle in 3144, the FSS Avalon-class cruiser Lucien Davion that had been ordered by First Prince Caleb Davion to maintain a low-earth geosynchronous orbit directly over his command. That order placed the ship in a poor position to respond to an attack and was vulnerable to from a higher altitude attack. The WarShip was destroyed by a concentrated attack of McFadden's Sky Storm, leaving all of the staged AFFS units trapped on Palmyra's surface. The AFFS units on the surface were destroyed by the Combine's Pocket WarShips orbital bombardment and the following planetary assault.[7][8]

IN 3145 the unit was stationed in Palmyra.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of McFadden's Sky Riders
Colonel Colleen McFadden 3076
Colonel Owen Reddens 3085[10]
Commanding Officers of McFadden's Sky Storm
Colonel Wade McFadden 3145[9]




As of the fighting on Arcturus in 3073, McFadden's Sky Riders consisted of six aerospace fighters (including two Gothas and two Thunderbirds), and the Leopard CV-class DropShip Wicked Tale. Although they had no JumpShip of their own, they had a long-standing arrangement with the Merchant-class JumpShip Glitterstick.[1]

Named members (as of 3073) included Lieutenant Commander McFadden, Lieutenant (formerly Major, demoted under unclear circumstances) Jason Windgate, and one Lieutenant Barstow.[1]

Composition History[edit]


McFadden's Sky Riders As of 3085 they were reported to be two wings at full strength.[6]


McFadden's Sky Storm[9]

  • One Aerospace Regiment of Veteran Skill and Regular Loyalty with a current strength of 55%
  • CO: Colonel Wade McFadden


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