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System Information
X:Y Coordinates-134.901 : -322.172[e]

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Planetary History[edit]

During the Reunification War, the world of Meadowvale acted as a Star League Defense Force marshalling yard and was a key world in the supply chain for the task force based around the SLDF's VII Corps tasked with conquering the nearby Magistracy of Canopus. Meadowvale had been hotly contested by the Capellan Confederation during the 2nd Andurien War, during which time the Free Worlds League Military had established at least one large base on the world; the facilities on Meadowvale had been further expanded by the Star League as a result of the Border Guards Agreement, and by 2578 there were six major supply caches on the planet, with the largest being Camp Torrence.[12]

The garrison on Meadowvale consisted of two regiments of SLDF second-line troops, primarily a mixture of armor and infantry, backed up by a small assortment of BattleMechs including a number of the unusual Helepolis 'Mech artillery. While adequate for most garrison duties, the garrison wasn't equipped or prepared for the arrival of a substantial raiding party from the Magistracy Armed Forces which arrived in-system on the 9th of January 2578. The raid on Meadowvale was the largest of the raids conducted by the MAF in 2578, and the most destructive; the raiding force consisted of four mercenary units operating under MAF colors: Kincani's Dragoons, Mieselsen's Marauders, Samuelson's Slaughterers and Buquoy's Bandits under the command of Colonel Adam Buquoy - the commander of the MAF.[12]

The four short regiments totaled nine battalions between them, and while the MAF units lost the element of surprise after the nadir jump point cargo station managed to transmit a warning before the MAF assault force managed to capture the station, there was little the SLDF garrison could do to prepare. While plans existed for defending the supply caches, the units were singularly unprepared to implement them; it was this lack of preparation that had been highlighted in intelligence received by Buqouy and which drove him to press the attack quickly and aggressively. The Bandits were the spearhead unit, attacking Camp Torrence directly on the 13th of January; they quickly destroyed the defending Helepolis 'Mechs but the armor elements of the garrison put up a dogged resistance, preventing the complete destruction of the camp. Buqouy continued to attack the SLDF forces as reinforcements for the garrison converged on the Bandits, whilst ordering the other mercenary units to attack the other supply caches scattered around the planet. In doing so, Buquoy and the bandits fought a five-hour battle that tied up the bulk of the garrison forces, allowing the other mercenary units to destroy the other supply caches and escape intact; only a company of the Bandits escaped off-world, including Buqouy, leaving twenty-five of their number as prisoners in the hands of the FWLM (who would later be interned on Oriente) and with the mission a success.[12]

The Meadowvale attack was another shocking surprise for the SLDF task force, coming hot on the heels of the Canopian naval ambush at Vakarel and the rapid redeployments that had bloodied VII Corps on Cranston. While the loss of the supplies was a major blow to the SLDF operations, more damaging was the knowledge that the theater of operations was no longer confined to the Magistracy itself; in addition to Meadowvale, MAF forces had also struck at the supply caches on the worlds of Ayn Tarma, Granera and Saonara, and highlighted that the SLDF would need to defend rear areas previously considered safe. This again forced a change in the SLDF strategy, with the SLDF commander, Captain-General Marion Marik ordering a temporary cessation of hostilities while supply routes were reorganized, escorts arranged and garrisons bolstered. The raid on Meadowvale also bought the MAF six months to rebuild and rearm.[12]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 36 systems (35 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Scheuerheck 14.5 Bogrib 16.9 Cap Rouge 18.4 Watermael 21.5
Skvorec 27.4 Vakarel 30.4 Cole Harbour 32.8 Wisconsin 34.8
Yanchep 34.9 Siendou 37.0 Gouderak 37.2 Eleusis 37.3
Saonara 37.3 Granera 37.6 Umka 39.6 Ruschegg 40.4
Kanata 41.3 Ayn Tarma 42.3 Manaus 42.9 Guangzho 44.5
Banfora 46.0 Marathon 46.3 Kearny 48.2 Piriapolis 51.1
Ingonish 51.6 Mauripur 51.7 Mangor 51.9 Pernik 53.1
Deschenes 53.7 Villanueva 54.1 Obrenovac 54.2 Barlaston 56.7
Butzfleth 58.2 Rohinjan 59.1 Ryerson 59.4 Cirebon 60.2


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