MechAssault: Phantom War/Bombshell


Faulkner: A convoy is loading up the DropShip for the jump to Niangol. MechWarrior, there’s a POV turret up on the ridge. Use it to take out the convoy while Vernon runs support in his ‘Mech.

Styles: I stashed the BattleArmor behind some trees for you, Val. Pick it up and join me on the ridge.

Objective: Use the POV missile to take out the convoy.

Styles: I need your help. These guys just keep coming.

Brice: I got ya, Vern.

Faulkner: Vallen, use the POV turret to take out the convoy bridge. The fallout should block the trail below and stop the flow of ‘Mechs.

Brice: Copy that.

Faulkner: Direct hit. The threat is neutralized, and the convoy is at an impasse. MechWarrior, there’s a Clan Hell’s Horses Ymir headed for the DropShip. I need you to take him out.

Styles: I can finish off the rest.

Brice: Don’t get too comfy. It can get you killed.

Styles: I got it, Val. I got it.

Objective: Destroy the enemy DropShip.

Faulkner: Ymir just ahead. Bring him down.

Brice: I have a plan, Hauptmann.

Faulkner: Just don’t get yourself killed.

Objective: NeuroHack the Clan Hell’s Horses ‘Mech to rig it as a time bomb.

Faulkner: He’s escaping!

Brice: I wouldn’t worry about that…I rigged him as a time bomb.

Styles: Awwwww wow! You gotta show me how to do that!!

Faulkner: If your hack works, the Qarahta threat is eliminated.

Brice: It’ll work. As soon as that Ymir blows, we can head out for Niangol.

ACM DropShip: Commander Fierus demands immediate leave for Niangol. Prepare for jump.

ACM JumpShip: All clear.

Sentinel: That was some fireworks display, Hauptmann

Faulkner: A foreshadowing for Commander Fierus, Captain. The Drake is clear for jump to Niangol.

Sentinel: You are clear for departure to Niangol. Be careful, Hauptmann Faulkner. You’re playing with a dangerous man down there.