MechAssault: Phantom War/End Transmission

End Transmission[edit]

Faulkner: Dant...kill….tr….mission with….transpond…. take out…tr….onder towers!

Objective: Take out the transponders to restore communications.

Styles: You… clos… in … the …rst t…ponder.

Faulkner: First tower … down. … to go.

Objective: Find the next transponder and take it out.

Faulkner: One more transponder ……

Styles: The Senti… …. Reporting an unknown object ….. .. to …. track… th… area from … orbit.

Objective: Take out the final transponder.

Faulkner: Communications are open. Vernon, keep watch on the Sentinel’s reports. MechWarrior, keep moving. If I’m reading everything correctly, we should be right outside Dante’s base. The base entrance is guarded by a Star Adder, non-Clan issue…

Brice: Keep the good news coming.

Objective: Enter Dante’s base.

Styles: The Sentinel detects an enormous energy reading directly above, and just outside, Niangol’s atmosphere. Val, it appears to be emitting a locator which is moving in on your position.

Faulkner: It’s some sort of orbital cannon. MechWarrior, make your way to the base entrance as fast as you can, then exit that ‘Mech!

Brice: This is it. Dante must be here.

Styles: Get moving, Val!

Faulkner: The tracking locator is almost on you. Vallen Brice, get out of that ‘Mech!

Styles: Val, get out!!

Faulkner: You’ll have to enter the base on foot.

Fierus: Vallen Brice, this is Commander Dante Fierus of the ACM. I can’t track you when you’re on foot, but I can communicate in other, unpleasant, ways.

Faulkner: By the power of the Lyran Alliance, Commander Fierus, you and your men will stand down!

Fierus: Absolutely not. Vallen, your skills are a great commodity, which you will hand over to me, or you will see your end. And Hauptmann Faulkner, a message to pass on to the rest of the Lyran Alliance: there are other great weapons in this universe beyond the possibilities of the HPG.

Styles: Hauptmann, the orbital cannon is…

Faulkner: Vernon! Evacuate the Drake imm…