MechAssault: Phantom War/Enemy Revealed

Enemy Revealed[edit]

Faulkner: Vallen, is it possible to hack pilot data from a ‘Mech?

Brice: I can do that.

Faulkner: A Clan Hell’s Horses Ymir is en route to our location.

Objective: Hack the Clan Hell’s Horses Ymir ‘Mech for pilot data.

Faulkner: The Ymir is headed away from your position. You can catch him by surprise.

Brice: Moving in.

Brice: Clan Hell’s Horses issue…confirmed…first MechWarrior

Objective: Use the Ymir ‘Mech to enter the base as a friendly.

Faulkner: Take him out. That will send a strong message to our friend Dante Fierus.

Brice: Engagement won’t do. I have to commandeer his ‘Mech. If I’m successful, I can use his ‘Mech to head into the base and set the base for self-destruct.

Styles: I love watching you work, Val.

Faulkner: MechWarrior, set the base for detonation.

Objective: Hack the terminal to start the self-destruct sequence.

Brice: I’ve got it. No trip to the JumpShip from this landing pad.

Styles: Get out of there Val!

Brice: I hacked open the back door. I’m headed out.

Objective: Exit the base.

Objective: Clear out the enemy resistance.

Styles: One Ragnarok and this side of Qarahta will be secure.

Objective: Eliminate the Ragnarok.

Faulkner: Another base is preparing to move supplies to Niangol. The ACM DropShip has just landed on site and I’m also detecting a Clan Hell’s Horses ‘Mech. We must intercept.