MechCommander (Video Game)

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MechCommander box cover
Product information
Type Video Game
Author Ross Babcock
Tom Dowd
Mitch Gitelman
Tim Ryan
Steve Scott
Denny Thorley
Jordan Weisman
Development FASA Interactive
Primary writing Glen Doren (programmer)
Publication information
Publisher Microprose
First published 1998
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3059
Followed by MechCommander 2

MechCommander is a 1998 realtime strategy computer game set in the BattleTech universe.

A hint book for the game (MechCommander - Prima's Official Strategy Guide) was published in 1998.


Computer games are explicitly excluded from the list of products that contribute straight Canon to the BattleTech universe while at the same time it was stated that the IP owners are "not in total denial about these sources either"; it has also been stated that fluff from certain official, licensed products (namely certain computer games including those produced by Microsoft) can be assumed to be part of the shared universe as long as it is not directly contradicted, and makes sense. On this premise, MechCommander is considered to be an apocryphal product.

Plot synopsis[edit]


In 3059, during Operation BULLDOG, Zulu company from the Federated Commonwealth's First Davion Guards RCT was largely responsible for taking back Port Arthur from Clan Smoke Jaguar.

The First Battalion of the First Davion Guards eliminated the Jaguar satellite network and cleared enemy ground forces from its intended landing site, but lost the DropShip York, which was carrying X-Ray Company, to the Smoke Jaguars' space defense system.

Yankee and Zulu companies launched Operation BEACHHEAD, which was aimed at destroying key Clan targets in the vicinity of the landing zone to establish a secure foothold on Port Arthur. Elements of Zulu Company liberated Work Camps Alpha and Beta, rescued captured pilots from a prison barn, escorted a Raven to safety, and defended a resistance cell's base of operations. The majority of the opposition encountered during BEACHHEAD consisted of second line bondsman forces equipped with BattleMechs and vehicles of Inner Sphere technology.

Following the success of Operation BEACHHEAD, Yankee and Zulu companies launched Operation SKYHOOK, in which they attempted to cut Jaguar supply and communication lines, with targets identified by local resistance cells. Zulu Company rescued a Kurita DEST operative from behind enemy lines, destroyed power generators along the Ai-Ki River, destroyed a supply convoy at Bakerville, disabled the planetary hyperpulse generator, destroyed a supply train, and captured a supply and logistics base at Serpent Bay. Yankee Company was overwhelmed and destroyed by elite Clan forces during the latter stages of SKYHOOK.

Incorporating survivors from Yankee, Zulu Company undertook Operation VANGUARD, with the goal of liberating the city of Affendale. Zulu escorted a medical convoy to Field Hospital Delta, captured a supply convoy in the Kenuk River region, liberated prisoners from a reeducation camp in the Mayan Canyons, defended a bondsman garrison base on the outskirts of Affendale, and liberated Affendale by destroying the Clan Smoke Jaguar administration building in the foothills of Mount Samurai.

With Affendale liberated, the Davion Guards launched Operation LINCHPIN, aimed at destroying the surface-to-orbit guns that had destroyed X-Ray Company's DropShip. Zulu Company captured a Masakari and used it to destroy orbital guns, captured the Kylemartin supply depot, reactivated and defended a fortified Clan field base in the Cambridge region, captured and defended an industrial facility, intercepted and destroyed a flanking force of heavy Jaguar OmniMechs, and located and destroyed the Jaguars' mobile orbital guns.

With the Jaguar SDS crippled, the Davion Guards launched Operation CUTTHROAT, aimed at securing the main starport. Zulu Company rescued survivors of X-Ray Company under Captain Nairn, destroyed an elite Binary of Clan OmniMechs near Chresbute, captured and defended the Weisman Fuel Depot and Processing Station, positioned friendly artillery on the ridge of the Miasota Basin (at the end of the Lambert Valley) to support the starport assault, knocked out geothermal power stations in the Bellum area, and destroyed the orbital guns covering the approaches to the starbase.

Zulu Company was surprised by the arrival of Smoke Jaguar reinforcements at the starport, and prepared for a last stand against overwhelming odds. The elimination of the orbital guns, however, cleared the way for DCMS forces to land in force at the starport and shatter the final Jaguar counterattack, securing a Star League victory on Port Arthur.

Missions and Cutscenes[edit]

Opening Cinematic[edit]

The First Davion Guard, under the command of Colonel Reese, destroys the Smoke Jaguar satellite network and hot drops 'Mechs, under the guidance of DropShip-based MechCommanders, to secure a landing zone for the First Battalion. Commander Harrison helps Ricochet Lance (Panther, Hardcase, Viper, and Venture) outmaneuver a Clan Mad Cat to clear Charlie Zone of hostiles, enabling First Battalion to land safely, though Hardcase's Hunchback is destroyed in the battle. (Transcript)

Operation BEACHHEAD[edit]

Colonel Reese reports that Yankee and Zulu companies are on planet, but Smoke Jaguar orbital guns destroyed the DropShip York before it landed, destroying X-Ray company. Reese directs Yankee and Zulu companies to destroy designated targets and establish a beachhead. (Transcript)

Liberate Work Camp

The Smoke Jaguars have placed dissidents into work and reeducation camps. Reese tasks Zulu company with liberating Camp Alpha and Camp Beta, as well as eliminating the local bondsman garrison—consisting of DCMS troops that have sworn to fight on the Smoke Jaguars' behalf. (Note: per canon, the highly traditionalist Smoke Jaguars generally refused to take any Inner Sphere personnel as bondsmen.) (Transcript)

Rescue Captured Pilots

Two Davion Guard MechWarriors were captured by Clan bondsmen. They are held in a barn, while their equipment is stored at a small field base to the southwest. The region is garrisoned from a fortified field base to the north of the barn. Reese assigns Zulu company to recapture the supplies, escort an APC to rescue the prisoners, and get to the extraction site. (Transcript)

Escort Raven 'Mech to Safety

A Raven scout 'Mech separated during the initial drop, piloted by Mystique, has been located near a Smoke Jaguar cargo transfer post. Reese assigns Zulu company to rendezvous with Mystique and escort her to safety. (Transcript)

Destroy Clan Headquarters Building

Colonel Reese assigns Zulu Company to use a temporary field base to stage an attack against the Clan Headquarters building in Claresfield, then extract, making sure the field base is not overrun. (Transcript)

Defend Farms from Attack

Port Arthur resistance cells supported the Davion invasion, and are now suffering retaliatory strikes by the Smoke Jaguars. Colonel Reese assigns Zulu to defend a cell based on two farms in the Vanderhome region. (Transcript)

Liberate Kaio Industrial Zone

The beachhead will be consolidated once the Guards gain control of the Kaio Industrial Zone. Reese assigns Zulu to breach its fortifications and automated defenses and overcome the garrison led by bondsman Captain Akada Haru. (Transcript)

Operation SKYHOOK[edit]

With the beachhead established, Reese tasks Yankee and Zulu companies with cutting Jaguar supply and communication lines to prevent the Smoke Jaguars from bringing up reinforcements by rail or calling for additional reinforcements. (Transcript)

Rescue Operative

Draconis Elite Strike Team (DEST) operative Falcon has obtained information on Jaguar supply and communication lines, but is trapped on the east side of the Froese River, and Jaguar units control all the crossings. Reese assigns Zulu to link up with Falcon and escort her to safety. (Transcript)

Destroy Enemy Assets

Falcon's intelligence indicates the Smoke Jaguars are reliant on the local industrial base for spare parts and fuel. Rather than smashing the factories, Reese orders Zulu company to destroy two power generators on the Ai-Ki River and capture Jaguar supply caches in the area. (Transcript)

Destroy Enemy Convoy

Reese assigns Zulu to intercept and destroy a lightly defended Jaguar supply convoy as it passes near the city of Bakerville. Intelligence notes that the citizens of Bakerville are loyal to the Smoke Jaguars. (Transcript)

Destroy Enemy Assets

The Jaguar garrison commander has instructed its personnel to use the planetary hyperpulse generator (HPG) to request reinforcements from offworld. Reese assigns Zulu company to destroy the HPG compound in Yokohama before the message can be transmitted. (Transcript)

Destroy Enemy Train

Reese assigns Zulu to intercept and destroy a vital Jaguar supply train. (Transcript)

Capture and Defend Base

Allied forces begin a coordinated offensive against Clan positions. Reese assigns Zulu to take out the Jaguar supply and logistics base at Serpent Bay. (Transcript)

Operation VANGUARD[edit]

Although Zulu successfully crippled Jaguar supply lines, Yankee company suffered heavy losses, and is out of action while it rebuilds. Reese assigns Zulu to liberate the major city of Affendale and its surrounding region. (Transcript)

Escort Medical Convoy

Field Hospital Delta is in desperate need of supplies after a Jaguar counterattack. Reese assigns Zulu to escort an ambulance convoy through Jaguar-held territory to resupply the field hospital. (Transcript)

Destroy Enemy Command Unit

Jaguar bondsman Piotrev's forces have been damaged in battle with the Davion Guards, and are withdrawing to a rear area repair base. Reese assigns Zulu to get there first, seize the base, and destroy Piotrev's unit when it arrives. (Transcript)

Capture Enemy Convoy

Resistance spies report the Jaguars are moving seven trucks with supplies to bolster Affendale's defense through the Kenuk River region. Reese assigns Zulu to capture as many of the trucks as possible. (Transcript)

Liberate Re-education Camp

The Smoke Jaguars are holding captured Inner Sphere warriors who refused to become bondsmen at a reeducation camp in the Mayan Canyons. Reese assigns Zulu to stage an attack on the camp from a field base and rescue the prisoners, while ensuring that the field base does not fall to the enemy during the liberation attempt. (Transcript)

Defend Allied Base

The Davion Guard has captured a bondsman base near Affendale and is using it as a staging center for the city's liberation. Recon reports a large Jaguar force approaching the base. Reese assigns Zulu to defend the base. (Transcript)

Liberate Affendale

Reese assigns Zulu company to destroy the Smoke Jaguar Administration building in Affendale, in the foothills of Mount Samurai, and then to proceed to the top of the mountain for extraction. (Transcript)

Operation LINCHPIN[edit]

The Smoke Jaguar orbital guns are preventing the rest of the Operation BULLDOG invasion force from landing to support the Davion Guards. Reese assigns Zulu to coordinate with partisans to locate and destroy the Jaguar space defense system orbital guns. (Transcript)

Capture Masakari - Destroy Orbital Guns

Battalion intelligence locates two fixed orbital guns far behind enemy lines, near a field repair base. Colonel Reese assigns Zulu to execute a stealth insertion using a civilian cargo plane, and use a small force of vehicles to bring the elite pilot Firestorm to the repair base and steal a Masakari being repaired there. Firestorm is then to use the captured OmniMech to destroy the orbital guns. (Transcript)

Interdict Clan Supplies

Reese assigns Zulu company to attack the Kylemartin supply depot and prevent any of the ordnance trucks based there from escaping with supplies for the orbital guns. (Transcript)

Capture Clan Field Base

Battle lines are shifting towards the Cambridge region. Reese assigns Zulu to seize and reactivate a dormant Jaguar field base there to give the Davion forces a tactical advantage. (Transcript)

Capture Industrial Facility

The Jaguars are using local factories to produce spare parts and send reinforcements to secure it against attack. Reese orders Zulu to seize the site and destroy the Clan reinforcements as they arrive. (Transcript)

Intercept Enemy Force

A Smoke Jaguar strike force has outflanked the Davion forces and is heading towards the Guards' rear area to target their supply lines, support bases, and command centers. Colonel Reese assigns Zulu to intercept and destroy the Jaguar raiders. (Transcript)

Destroy Smoke Jaguar Orbital Guns

Intelligence has located the mobile guns that shot down several Davion Guard DropShips and cargo transports during the initial landings. Reese assigns Zulu to destroy the guns. (Transcript)

Operation CUTTHROAT[edit]

With the guns destroyed, the main invasion force is moving to forward staging positions while the Jaguars fall back to the starport. Reese assigns Zulu to spearhead the starport assault, clearing the way for the Operation BULLDOG forces to land there. (Transcript)

Rescue Allied Commander

Captain Nairn of the reconstituted X-Ray company has been pinned down by superior Clan forces while trying to draw a Jaguar garrison Binary away from the starport. Reese assigns Zulu to relieve Nairn and escort him to safety. (Transcript)

Exterminate Clan Presence

The Binary Nairn drew out of position is now dug-in at Chresbute. Reese assigns Zulu to eliminate them before they can be reinforced. (Transcript)

Capture and Defend Fuel Depot

The Smoke Jaguars have secured the Weisman Fuel Depot and Processing Station near the starport. Reese assigns Zulu Company to capture it and prevent the Jaguars from destroying it to deny it to the invasion force. (Transcript)

Position Allied Artillery

The Davion Guards have begun initial attacks on the starport, and need artillery support. Reese assigns Zulu company to escort mobile artillery pieces up the heavily defended Lambert Valley and emplace them at the field base on the ridgeline which overlooks both the valley and the Miasota Basin where the starport lies. (Transcript)

Destroy Secondary Power

The starport draws power from geothermal power stations in the Bellum area. Reese assigns Zulu to destroy the stations, forcing the starport's sensor grid and automated defenses to operate at reduced efficiency. (Transcript)

Capture the Starport

Colonel Reese assigns Zulu to approach the starport from the south, breach its walls, and destroy the six orbital guns stationed there, clearing the way for Operation BULLDOG DropShips to land. Zulu has a brief window of opportunity to breach the starport perimeter before the automated turrets switch over from the destroyed Bellum generators to local power. (Transcript)

Closing Cinematic[edit]

After destroying the orbital guns, Zulu is surprised by a fresh wave of attacking Jaguar 'Mechs. Outnumbered and outgunned, they hold the line. Just as it seems they will be overwhelmed, the Jaguars come under fire from a fleet of DropShips landing at the starport. The ships land and Combine 'Mechs disembark. Their commander congratulates the Davion forces on their bravery and informs them that the Jaguars are fleeing, and that the battle for Port Arthur is over. (Transcript)

MechCommander: Desperate Measures Expansion Pack[edit]

This expansion campaign is shorter than the original, and is available in MechCommander GOLD. The campaign follows the storyline but in a different planet, also in Clan Smoke Jaguar territory. It also has improved sprite artwork, more visible while in zoom.


Immediately after the liberation of Port Arthur, Zulu and Yankee Companies are sent to liberate the desolate planet Cermak in the Periphery, taken by renegade Smoke Jaguar Star Colonel Marcus Kotare (a character that was featured briefly in MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries), for an unknown reason. There has been reported activity of Clan Smoke Jaguar units on-planet, but it is unknown what their objective is.

The First Davion Guards began their attack on Cermak with Operation HYDRA, aimed at gathering intelligence on Kotare's goals. Zulu Company secured a landing zone near an abandoned Star League facility, Base Nomad, and defended the base from a Jaguar attack. Zulu then secured the Baitan Sector by destroying the Jaguar staging bases there, and overran the incomplete defenses at Base Ogre.

Following the success of Operation HYDRA, Colonel Reese launched Operation GORGON—sending out sorties to probe the Jaguar's defenses. Zulu Company destroyed targets of opportunity in the Azimuth Sector, recaptured a supply convoy from Star Captain Marcus Osis in Jade Sector, destroyed the mobile orbital guns defending Azimuth sector, and captured three Jaguar officers (Star Captain Rathburn, Star Captain Dulaney, and Star Captain Kulin) for interrogation.

The interrogations revealed that Marcus Kotare planned to dig up a cache of nuclear and biological weapons interred on Cermak, using his DropShip engines as drills. The Davion Guards launched Operation MINOTAUR with the goal of destroying the drills. Zulu Company captured the HPG transmitters at Base Kraken and sent a warning to the Operation Bulldog Command Center on Kathil, but received a response that the nearest reinforcements were a week away. Zulu defeated Kotare's reserves at their staging area, destroyed the industrial facilities used to convert the DropShip engines into drills, and then destroyed the drills themselves, killing Kotare in the process.

Following the success of Operation MINOTAUR, a ComStar disposal squad was dispatched to Cermak to dismantle the weapons graveyard and its contents.


Operation HYDRA[edit]

Colonel Reese informs Yankee and Zulu commanders that the Smoke Jaguars have been defeated and are withdrawing from the Inner Sphere to Clan space. Intelligence reports that Star Colonel Marcus Kotare, arrested and court-martialed for war atrocities by the Smoke Jaguars prior to BULLDOG, has diverted forces under his command to the Periphery world of Cermak—once a Star League outpost, but now an uninhabited war-ravaged junk heap. Reese assigns Yankee and Zulu to find out why Kotare is on Cermak. (Transcript)

Secure Landing Zone

Reese assigns Zulu to sweep and secure the immediate area around the landing zone. (Transcript)

Defend Base Nomad

The Davion Guards have found and reactivated the Star League-era Base Nomad. Reese assigns Zulu to defend the base against a Jaguar counterattack. (Transcript)

Secure Baitan Sector

The force that attacked Base Nomad was based at several outposts in the Baitan sector. Reese assigns Zulu to seize or destroy those outposts. (Transcript)

Eliminate Base Ogre

The Smoke Jaguars are rebuilding the Star League-era Base Ogre. Reese assigns Zulu to attack before the defensive fortifications are complete and destroy the command center and garrison. (Transcript)

Operation GORGON[edit]

Data recovered at Base Ogre indicates that Colonel Kotare had his Cermak operation planned before Operation BULLDOG. Base Ogre is one of several SLDF bases surrounding a central facility. Reese orders Yankee and Zulu on sorties to probe the Jaguar defenses and gather intelligence. (Transcript)

Destroy Targets of Opportunity

The Jaguars are excavating and researching ancient Star League research complexes in Azimuth. Reese orders Zulu to rapidly transit the Jaguar-controlled Azimuth sector, destroying targets of opportunity along the way. (Transcript)

Capture Ordnance Convoy

Star Captain Marcus Osis executed a raid on the Davion Guard's main supply depot and is escorting a convoy loaded with Davion supplies through Jade sector. Reese assigns Zulu to intercept the convoy and recapture the supplies. (Transcript)

Eliminate Orbital Guns

The Davion Guards are launching a major offensive against the Jaguar lines, using DropShips to transport their forces. Reese orders Zulu back to Azimuth sector to eliminate the mobile orbital guns based there, opening up a corridor of unprotected airspace to the heart of Clan territory. (Transcript)

Capture Enemy Commanders

Battalion intelligence wants a Clan officer for interrogation. Reese assigns Zulu to strike at a Star League-era base where intel has located Star Captains Rathburn, Dulaney, and Kulin, and capture as many as possible. (Transcript)

Operation MINOTAUR[edit]

Intel from the interrogation reveals that Kotare seeks to unearth nuclear and biological weapons banned by the Ares Conventions, and buried on Cermak by the Star League. Kotare dismantled the engines on his DropShips and is using them to drill into the vault. Reese orders Yankee and Zulu to destroy the drills and stop Kotare from breaching the vault. (Transcript)

Capture Base Kraken

Reese orders Zulu to capture the HPG station at Base Kraken and use them to inform the Operation BULLDOG command center on Kathil of Kotare's plans. (Transcript)

Eliminate Reinforcements

Kathil responds that the closest reinforcements are a week away, and orders the Davion Guards to take any measures necessary to stop Kotare. Reese is planning a surprise assault on the main Clan base of operations, and assigns Zulu to eliminate Jaguar reserves. (Transcript)

Obliterate Complex

Recon has identified an industrial facility the Jaguars are using to convert DropShip engines into drills. Reese orders Zulu to destroy the complex, delaying the Jaguar drilling progress. (Transcript)

Destroy Engine Drills

Marcus Kotare is personally overseeing the drilling efforts at four sites. Reese orders Zulu to attack the drilling site, kill Kotare, and destroy all four drills. (Transcript)


Reese congratulates Zulu Company for its efforts, and reports that a ComStar disposal squad will come to Cermak to dismantle the vault and dispose of its contents. Zulu Company will oversee the ComStar squad, then return to the Inner Sphere for R&R. (Transcript)

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